Weird borders on dropdown menu

Getting this weird white border on top and bottom of dropdown menu. This dropdown sits inside a DIV with a class assigned that only applies 22px of padding above it and sets font to Helvetica size 18px. Also, the header block in which it exists is set as “sticky”. All of my dropdowns look this way.

I am using Blocs v. 4.3.2.

Any help is very appreciated. :sunglasses:

Try adding a class to the class manager called .dropdown-menu and setting the background to that same blue.

UPDATE: I think I may have solved the issue. I ended up having to add “navbar navbar-dark bg-primary” class item. Thanks again for the info.

Malachiman, thank you for your reply. However, I’m not sure what’s going on because I’m seeing some inconsistent behavior. Please see attached screenshot. The darker color appears as soon as I apply the .dropdown-menu class.

Nothing should have changed when you added the dropdown-menu class to the class editor until you added some styles. So I assume here you added the class to the canvas. You don’t need to. It’s already there. If you did it’s likely now on the wrong element.

Ok thanks for feedback. Hopefully Blocs is planning an update that provides a full-text CSS editor. That would be a big plus!

Thanks again.