Weird image handling problem


Is this drive/setup new?


The HDD is original approx 5 years old.
The SSD is mounted later, approx 2-3 years old.
But 2-3 months ago the file system is corrupted, and I need to format and reinstall the system (only on SSD). High Sierra 10.13.6

I know this is a very weird problem.
Just try to create a brand new gallery with 4 test file.
I made the folder on system drive (SSD).
Rename the files to 1.png, 2.png, 3.png …
Moved the folder to HDD. Start Blocs, new project, empty page, add content - gallery, click the first image place holder, open the asset manager, add local asset, add a 4 test images. The all thumbnails is empty. The “3.png” a picture that has always been displayed. I renamed few seconds ago. Then the original named “3.png” copied from the SSD to the HDD folder. And add the asset.
The original named picture displayed, the renamed picture doesn’t appear. (Grrrrr…:frowning: )