Weird image handling problem


I have a problem the assets and gallery image management.
I am presenting my new designs to my clients in a quick Blocs gallery. This is very fast and clean.
Unfortunately, the Blocs doesn’t show a thumbnails in the “Asset Manager” and in the “Blocs Editor” many times.

  1. The error doesn’t occur for all images. Until now I can’t figure out why. Any other program will display these images.

  2. The error occurs only if the images are on the internal HDD drives. (The system and Blocs 3 runs on SSD, my data is on an internal HDD.)

After added the images the asset, the thumbnails is empty.
After I save and I load it back the blocs file, the gallery is not editable.

What could be the problem?

System: 10.13.6
Blocs 3.0.5

For instance 2 problematic images (when saved on internal HDD):

Im actually writing knowledge base posts on this right now. Are you running Blocs from the main applications folder?

Yes, of course.

When an asset is loaded from an external or additional internal drive, Blocs needs to make a temp working copy of that file in order to get around Mac security that prevents images being loaded onto a web canvas from drives other than the main OS HD. The working copy is stored in the Library > Application Support > Blocs 3 > TempAssetStorage.

When you start your project is anything added to this directory?

Here is an example of me running an asset form an externa internal drive.

Yes. See the attachment.


Very important, there are pictures that appear well (asset and Blocs editor) and there are some images that don’t appear (asset and Blocs editor). The export working well, all images are displayed.
Please see my first post. There is two problematic images (only on internal HDD).

• Do any of the other other images load that are stored in this temp location? test_manta?

• Are you running a Retina screen Mac, do you muti-res resources in use?

The super quick fix is to move these images to you local drive and load them from there, but lets see if we can see why they are not loading first.

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That’s what I did.

This is only a test. Because I see this error doesn’t occur for all images.
This problem has already occurred in 2.6.x
I just didn’t have time.

No, this is a Mac mini with Dell monitor.

Do any of the other images load that are stored in this external drive?

Im also wondering if your file naming is breaking something _jpg.jpg

This is not problem, it’s only for test. If I rename the problem is still there.
Only just a test file names.

What happens when you create a brand new project and drag an image from this additional drive to the Blocs design canvas, does it show?

Not show all images.
When I present my work for my customer, I create a very quick gallery.
Brand new project only with gallery. 3-10 images only.

I stored every work project on my internal HDD in different libraries.

Is this set up change new? Do you get the same results with Blocs 2?

Are icons loading for you in the icon manager?

This problem has already occurred in 2.6.x

That’s mean the asset manager?

no the icon manager, add an icon bric to the page and double click it.

Yes, the icons loading well.

Meanwhile, I tried a new test.
The asset manager doesn’t display any images.