What export options keeps text and images editable in cms


Newbie here…, sorry if my first post is not in the right section, and if so, please tell me where you would then recommand to post it.

I envision a scenario that allows me to edit the text and images of a template created with BLOCS app, once it has been uploaded it to my CMS…. I have both these CMSs in mind: e107 CMS, and b2evolution CMS

May such a scenario depend on BLOCS app export options?

I also asked the question (formulated differently) to both these CMS editors!


Neither of these are natively supported by Blocs, so I suspect it would entail a good deal of custom coding in either case. If you are unable to do it yourself it may be something that has to be outsourced.

Blocs has built-in integration with various CMS, including October CMS. I wasn’t able to get on with it myself, however @Malachiman uses it regularly.

I would particularly recommend Volt that is ideal for simpler websites and very easy to set up. At present it does not have blog functionality however that is coming soon. Blocs will also have the ability to export Wordpress themes before long.

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Your answer coincides with the one received on the e107 cms side: meaning that I would have to use the cms code editing tools to make the template text and images editable.
I have to explore these tools to decide how to go further on my website project.


Hi @Keepshango

Yeah, you could design in Blocs. But then when it comes to using a non-supported CMS you would be then copy and pasting your code into the required template for what ever CMS you are using.

It’s not that difficult, most CMS’s provide a blank template. It is just time consuming. Understanding the structure of your chosen CMS is massive plus.

It would only be worth it in my opinion…

  1. There was a speed benefit to designing in Blocs
  2. You were familiar with the CMS you are using (and happy to make changes outside of Blocs)
  3. Familiar with Bootstrap 4 would also be a massive benefit, when having to make changes in the CMS itself.

I have done it a couple of time before, using a different app to Blocs. It can and will create problems of its own.