What is the minimum I need to publish?

When making minor layout changes, what is the minimum I need to publish?

So, I amend some type on contact.html, I obviously need to publish that, but what else?

style.css? js?

Trying to speed things up!

I guess it depends on if you’re changing the text, or also images (img folder), forms, etc.
Simply clear the cache, transfer the page, test, mumble under your breath when it doesn’t quiet work, transfer the .css or whatever else is associated, cleat the cache.… you get the idea.
It’s a good way to see how much Blocs does ‘under the hood’ for you.
Best to change the name of the last successful export first, just in case.

I am using ForkLift for the ftp transfer.
This app has a very nice feature called “sync”, syncronising my export folder and the files on the web server.
It really speeds up things.