What is the situation with SHOPPING CARTS

I have a friend with a pie making business. Currently it is on-line only and his site does have a shopping cart. https://www.ruralpieco.co.uk/ As he is also planning to open a physical shop later this year, I am thinking of offering to take over his website work, to take off some pressure. I am reasonably familiar with Blocs and his present setup is not good for smaller screen sizes. But a key feature must be a shopping cart. I have seen discussions on these pages, but dating back a couple of years. Do any of you great people have suggestions as to how I might help my mate. He doesn;t want to limit his cart to PayPal, and although I have not looked at SNIPCART (as suggested some time ago), it would appear not to be suitable. Any advice will be useful. Many thanks

Try Ecwid. I’ve used that quite successfully before. A bit of code to drop into a div in Blocs.

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I also recommend Ecwid. I have done a tutorial on using Ecwid with Blocs. I will try to publish it in coming days.


Here is the video showing how easy it is to incorporate Ecwid shop into Blocs.


Thanks for the tutorial. :sparkling_heart:
But it’s not the same thing as having a shopping cart integrated in Blocs: you can’t have an active cart in all the pages of your site (i.e. it remains loaded with the products you put in it, even if you change the page), you can only have a single shop-page and in there, with Ecwid’s external snippet, put ALL the products you have for sale.
Let me give you an example.
I’m a self-publishing writer and I have a site where every book is inside its own single html page. You are a user who discovers Book 1, likes it, puts it in the shopping cart and continues to browse my site; browsing, you discover you also want Book 4, Book 5 and Book 11. But since you left the page Book 1, your Ecwid cart with Book 1 in it is gone…

Grazie per il tutorial.
Però non è la stessa cosa dell’avere uno shopping cart integrato in Blocs: non puoi avere un carrello attivo in tutte le pagine del tuo sito (ossia che rimane carico dei prodotti che ci hai messo, anche se cambi pagina), puoi solo avere una singola pagina-negozio e lì dentro, con lo snippet esterno di Ecwid, metterci TUTTI i prodotti che hai in vendita.
Ti faccio un esempio.
Io sono uno scrittore che si pubblica da sé e ho un sito dove ogni libro sta in una pagina html. Tu sei un utente che scopre il Libro 1, gli piace, lo mette nel carrello e continua a navigare il mio sito; navigando, scopre di volere anche il Libro 4, il Libro 5 e il Libro 11. Ma siccome ha abbandonato la pagina Libro 1, il suo carrello Ecwid con dentro il Libro 1 è sparito…

I have been using ecwid for a long time, and that does not happen! I have several pages of “x” product, no matter where you browse you can include multiple products and continue browsing different categories without problem.

You can have an endless number of categories and pages, depending on the plan you hire. It is very flexible

Yes you can! Ecwid provides a snippet for that. I’m working on a site right now that has the cart icon in the menu.

They also provide options for adding individual items. So you could have eg Book 1 product on Book 1 page and add to cart.

As others mentioned, you can use Ecwid the way you describe! What I was showing in the video is just one of many ways to do it. :slight_smile:


Ok. Thanks to you all. Surely, I’ve made some error, when I tried to use it.
A question: is there a way to show ONLY a product in the snippet, a product relative to that page — i.e. if I navigate page with Book 3, I see only Book 3 in the snippet?