What should/should not be minified?

There are lots of options when exporting, which should be used, and when?

This is how mine is set (lazy loading is not suitable for my site).

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Hello @Ian do you know there is a Manual for Blocs??? :rofl:

Check the answer for your question:


Read it. It doesn’t give any real explanation why the options are there, if they are all ‘good’ why choose?

Cache Bust and Lazy Loading fair enough, but why the rest?

About the minify there is a simple explanation:

The major benefit of using minification, is it can greatly improve the loading time of a website.

For long explanations:

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Thanks for that, I’ll take a look after me tea.

So my question then is - why not just do it automatically, when there are no unwanted side-effects, instead of providing a load of tick boxes which barely anybody understands?

(By default Blocs leaves some minify boxes unticked, with no explanation of why.)

Well about what they do I can help you and show you, about the App and his behavior you have to talk to @Norm.

Agreed - which boxes do you choose to tick out of interest?

I’m not the correct person to reply to that, because I create more “technical” pages, with a lot of code.
My costumers doesn’t care about SEO, or whatever, they even have their Sites (web app) out of public.
Probably some users that use a lot the SEO and other tools can help you with that.

If you are troubleshooting code it’s a lot easier when it is not minified, so you definitely want the option to turn this off. I would gladly use lazyloading, but it messes with the search ranking at present. None of your images will be indexed.

In general you want to turn these options in Blocs on, though I asked in the past whether or not this should be done when using Cloudflare, which does much the same, but possibly better. The documentation appears to be out of date, since it doesn’t mention the options now in project settings and how they interact with the export options.

Something else you can look at is Gzip compression inside the control panel of your server. Then there are additional measures like Brotli or Quic that all help with page loading performance. Some best practices with http became invalid with http2 and Quic is effectively being renamed as http3.