What's the best Wysiwyg editor?

Hey everyone,

I’m new here to Blocs (not yet purchased) but I’ve been using Weebly for the last 2 years for a small business website. For someone with next to no coding skill weebly seemed to work all right for a time. However as time has gone on I’ve found it to be extremely rigid and inflexible in terms of design freedom. Also, it seems to be lacking in certain features and the mobile sites always look shabby in comparison to the desktop versions.

My current subscription with them runs out in November so I’m currently reviewing other better options. I have recently being trying out Wix which I was astonished to find out had much more flexibility then Weebly which at first really attracted me. The iOS app also had a direct chat function which is one thing I had always thought Weebly was so sorely lacking (having tried third party chat apps like Tidio to no avail).

Since then I’ve looked a bit at Squarespace, Rapid Weaver 8 and also Blocs. (Have yet to try the Free trials as I wish to do so when I have more free time.)

Personal opinion right off the bat. Blocs looks the most beautiful. However there are a few things I am concerned about and I’ve been trying to look at many comparison reviews. I’ve seen many online editor comparison reviews (Wix vs. Weebly vs. Squarespace etc and also standalone app based comparison reviews such as rapid weaver vs. blocs etc but I’ve never found an all encompassing comparison review for both online and app based editors.)

I don’t have the time to constantly start from scratch when I change editors so I hope the next change will be my final one. As such I need to make sure the next thing I change to can do everything I need it to do.

I guess the main things I’m looking for in an editor are as such:

  1. Great mobile site only features such as a Direct Chat Icon that floats at the bottom of the page at all times and can connect to WhatsApp or other Chat apps - similar to what Wix offers.

  2. Store section that allows mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay and also allows you to leave reviews. Weebly does allow this but I’m no longer satisfied with Weebly’s overall service to renew my subscription)

  3. Fully editable forms with advanced features (such as autofill subject fields).

  4. A website that looks beautiful on all screen sizes and is customisable on all screen sizes (unlike Weebly where the mobile version is untouchable and Wix, where the mobile version is touchable but still doesn’t look very good).

  5. A member section where you can upload information and personal documents about yourself (not for a forum but for quick and easy job applications where your cv and cover letter are already saved to the member section and can be fired off at any job application you wish to apply for)

  6. One area where you can view received forms, make email campaigns, handle SEO and Publishing and hosting all built in. This is one thing Weebly does great and I’m aware that Blocs doesn’t have publishing built in but what about the other features? Where are my received forms accessed from? Where do I create email campaigns? Must I use separate services for all of these? Are there any mobile apps for access to these things when I’m away from the office?

I guess my question is this: Does Blocs do all the above things? Or are there other better editors that do them?

Sorry for the long boring post but I’d be happy for any honest insight based on your own experience.


Hello @sheabrewer,

I try to respond to your questions with my actual knowledge of the program:

  1. Blocs do not has such a feature build in, but I think it should be no problem to integrate an external solution. Blocs has an html Bric, where you can enter your own code

  2. Mainly same as 1. Blocs has a bric to integrate Disqus easily

  3. The forms are fully editable. I do not fully understand from what you would like to be autofilled. From which source data?

  4. In Blocs can adjust the mobile version in many ways.

  5. For a member section you also need to integrate an external solution like https://www.vibralogix.com/sitelokpw/

  6. The form sends you e-mails to your mail address. For e-mail campaigns you can use e.g. mailchimp and integrate their subscription form into your site using the html bric.

In general most things are possible, but not out of the box, you have to integrate external services in blocs using the html bric.

Hope this helps a little bit.

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Thanks so much.

I just used the trial today and first off, I feel it is quite difficult. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t seem to replace the sample logo text with my own Logo Image. Nor can I do simple things such as changing the colours of form buttons etc.

I imagine its just me (I hope) and my complete lack of familiarity with this program.

Hi Shea @sheabrewer

If I were you I would check Eldar Gezalov’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1uyPy-c1al9wovpKYf27vQ

He has many free videos that will assist you. Additionally, there is also apaid subscription at https://blocsmaster.com provided @Eldar (one time subscription) which appear to be as well very helpful accordingly to the Blocs community.

Additionnally, the user documentation has proven quite helpful as well https://help.blocsapp.com