Where does Blocs Store FTP Data?

Hi there! Ich habe been searchng for the place where Blocs is storeing the ftp date.
Why ? Because if i transfer or Reinstall Blocs in a new Machbook for example - i would like to take all the ftp connection Settings with me. It is pain in the ass to setup 30 or 40 connections again.

Other example:
If i need to setup 20 ftp accounts for a client project - i need to walk through the ftp setup manager. Better could work for me if i can copy and paste the connection and modify the path for each site…

Any hints where i can find this settings to copy / Backup oder modify them ?

Thanx and best Regards,

It’s stored partially in keychain and partially in the Blocs application support.


Thanx very much !

I’d also like to add that, server login credentials such as passwords are stored in the secure keychain on a users Mac.

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