Where have all my accests gone

Almost 20 pages into bulding a website for a festival and all the site assests have dissapeared and I can add any new ones. See screen shot. The pages done so far as still there.

How many assets have you added top the project and are you large project files?

I suspected it may be the trialer I was adding. They are in the range of 15mb each. I delete a couple of them but it made no difference. In the end I uninstalled the reinstalled and all seams to be working agian with all the orginal trailers.

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I’m further into the project (over 50 pages) and it has happened agian and this time a reinstall hasn’t worked

Any ideas on what is happening. It over two days worth of work to get this far and if I start agian is there any hope it won’t just happen agian. I have a dealing to publish next Thursday (11th July)

I thought, well everthng I have done so far is there and editable, so I will just continue. While I can add new pages I can’t add any assets.

AND I have just checked this is effecting all my other sites.

Sorry to hear the problem has returned.

• How are your assets named, are you using any unique character file names?

• How much space do you have on your HD?

• Are you using an external drive?

• Are you hosting your project on iCloud?

Personally, I have a feeling that an asset(s) may have a hidden unsupported character in the file name which is breaking the asset array used to display the assets in the Asset Manager.

If you could also share a project with asset loading issues directly with me, via a forum DM I can investigate the issue more in depth.