Where is this?

Trying to find the image scaling handle?, I’m either stupid or it isn’t there for me, I read the help, and this is what it said, I placed an image within a single column and what to make it a lot smaller than it is…

There are multiple ways to resize images on the Blocs canvas. The easiest way is with the image scaling handle located on the side of the selection marker. Left Clicking and dragging this handle will resize the image to the desired size.

On the right side when you click on the img self on data part you will see the actually height and width of the img.

If you are using single column you will have full width size of the img. And you get auto img.responsive class written. So if you want to have a different size you can set a width or height manually. Am doing this sometimes if i have need fo tthat. But basically am always using custom class for img. Because sometimes i want to have same height of th eproduct img on our site.

So you can write them and just reuse for all images that you have,



Also you can just click on the edge of the img and draggit. It will create a class for that size

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thank you very much, i see how that works now…Very impressive…and it took care of my problem for sure…love it.

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