Where to put php files, which should be exportet

In which folder should I put php files, and how do I can access them later? Do there exists an API call to get the export url?

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What should they do?

I guess same way as the JS includes, as i asked in another thread? JavaScript libraries used for custom Brics

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Thank you. I tried this, but do not worked like expected. I have a php file which should save/modify additional files, after the export of a site. It is for a CMS functionality, but you can also think about your “Repository Stack” for Rapidweaver. How do you manage in a bric at which place/path people will upload the files?

I am not that far currently :wink:

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This doesn’t exist yet. What I’ll do is work out a way to add the php files to the includes directory in the bric then include them in a directory of an exported file.


That’s nice. Then php files could work out as some kind of server side web service, which is called via AJAX. With that, the html file extension doesn’t need to be changed. Just one use case I can think of.

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And an API call with the url of the side please. Thank you very much.

I’m not sure I fully understand??

Ok, couldn’t you simply put the php file in the ‘resources’ folder, as there’s an api to call anything in there?

You can access it but blocs only copies out to export what is used in HTML, it’s more for images, videos etc.

I thougt about the path to the root of the website, in general something like the *resource-path to get the root of the website, so that it will be possible to create there an additional folder with files generated after the export of the website.

Here the idea of what I mean:

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