Where to upload custom blocs? And 1 custom bloc free :-)

I would like to know if here is a place where everyone can upload their own custom blocs for sharing with others (free or paid) I just create one bloc and save it to my own gallery and want to share with all of you, for Free of course. I am new in blocs but I believe I did something nice to be a newbie :slight_smile:
Image Between two columns.bex (202.1 KB)

I hope you can tell me the right place to upload my custom creations and to download others from you :slight_smile:

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At the moment I think you’d have to do that on your own website or here. In theory it may be possible to distribute custom blocs for https://blocs.store/ which has a section for blocs as well. This is an idea with potential that I’ve mentioned in the past but it hasn’t gained much traction to date.

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I would do the same thing (She Uploads) and appreciate it, we need a paid and also freebie section, why not? it can do nothing more than encourage more, and if not we can make our own and share… and also police the idea of better and better Blocks!

Look at this “blocs” from Mobirise, they are awesome and really really easy to use and fast to implement:

Something like this would be great!!!
(Mobirise is awesome but not too much customizable without inserting code)

In particular, I would like Blocsapp to integrate the option to install brics directly without the need to exit the application, such as when you add a new plugins or plug-in adobe XD! It would be very useful, especially if there is an update of the brics! They could be found free and paid!