Which version of blocs is compatible with

El Capitain?
Thank you;-)

El Capitan is officially compatible with 3.3 or earlier. It is not compatible with the new 3.4 and will not boot. I have an old iMac I have kept for years as an emergency backup that will not run anything newer than El Capitan and I’ve found various problems not seen in more recent OS versions for quite a while.

Overall I think El Capitan has a very limited future with almost any new software of reasonable complexity being developed to work with Mojave or Catalina. I cannot even use Mail in El Capitan with my web host because they demand a more recent version of TLS for security.

I only version I can get to work on my MacBook Pro is 3.0.0. If you got 3.3.x to work, I sure would like to how how you did it.


Aug 2

Here a major problem for with Blocs 3.x!
When I search a Bric, any element, Blocs 3 freezes. I have to close down Blocs every time. It’s been doing this since every version 3. I always half to stroll through the selection to find what I need. I’ve removed all Blocs Apps. Cleaned anything left behind with App that clean any traces left behind. Reinstalled and still can’t get rid of the problem.
@Norm has informed me the problem is limited to EL Cap. Warning if you don’t upgrade your OS you will have issues!
I have a disabled son, so can’t afford to purchase a new Mac yet. I’m at the highest version I can go on my MacBook Pro.
You can see in the Blocs 3 will not allow me to type or choose… :unamused:
Am I the only one who is experiencing this?

I have only used Blocs 3 a couple of times briefly with El Capitan as quick tests, simply to know it is available in an emergency, however it always seemed a bit glitchy. I’ve decided to uninstall it and free up the licence for another computer that now seems inevitable, so I’ll probably sell the iMac and put the money towards something newer.

I was reading yesterday that Apple may cut off security updates for Mojave from 2020 and it looks like they are intent on pushing users to run the latest OS version. This would also force many users of older hardware to upgrade by necessity.

@KBConcepts I just checked on the old iMac and found like you that it is impossible to search for brics in 3.3 with El Capitan. It just freezes everything, so I decided to deactivate the licence. My mid 2010 Mac Pro still works well with Mojave, however it won’t be compatible with Catalina and I seriously need to think about buying another computer now.

Yeah, I am in the same boat as you locate $3,000 for a new MacBook Pro.
I have a MacBook Pro 15 Mid 2009-2010 Unibody A1286 and as far as I know El Capitan macOS 10.11.6 is as high as I can go. I wish I could go to macOS 10.14 Mojave.
After much search I found this. I’m thinking about getting it a go when I can find time.

What do you think @Flashman?
Has any here tried anything like this?

I’ve never tried one of these patchers and I had to install a metal enabled video card just to run Mojave. In theory it should be possible for me to run Catalina on the Mac Pro with a similar workaround, but I think there are good reasons for not doing so.

I already have a suspicion that Apple focusses most of their attention on recent computers when releasing updates and I wouldn’t be surprised if apps like Blocs just mysteriously ran better on new hardware due to OS optimisation. If you run a patch like this to keep an old machine running on an unsupported OS then all bets are off.

Before long Apple are likely to run checks for the new T2 chip and we are basically facing an uphill battle. Also there are no more microcode security updates for these old processors, so even if they are still fast and reliable like my Mac Pro they may not be safe to use on the internet for that much longer.

Chances are I’ll reluctantly buy a new Mac Mini, then keep the Mac Pro as a backup that can continue to run older apps like Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 5.7. If the Mac Pro was unreliable or dog slow all of this could be seen from a different perspective, but instead I feel like I’m being coerced into buying a new machine.

Thank you for your insight. :smile: