Why no one talk about Blocs 3 on YouTube or blogs

Blocs seriously need more attention by the web designers. You can hardly find any content on Blocs.

There are over 1 million bootstrap users and they should be happy to know a visual editor for bootstrap really exist.

Is it because the price if the software or mostly are coders who like to mess with codes.

What are your views?

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Blocs 3 was released less than a week ago, so I guess not that many people have yet raced to produce a Youtube review, but I am pretty certain price is not the issue. Some web developers could buy a licence for Blocs from a single hour of work.

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@Zixuan and @Flashman, perhaps if someone contacted a site that does such reviews, they’d be more than happy to review it?

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yes, folks by all means help spread the word :partying_face:


LOL I’ve already been banned for life on the Rapidweaver forums. They get a bit tetchy if you mention Blocs for some reason :thinking:


I found that to be the general mentality among many other Web building app forums. I was kicked out and denied or lack there of support for pointing out flaws in the software. Pathetic ego or childish behavior, either or none of the said mention should play into the professional relationship one tries to establish with in any community.

As for pushing Blocs3 you should push for the niche market left behind by Muse and other WYSIWYG builders that just couldn’t keep up or dropped out of circulation, and for those that have like RapidWeaver for example, I suggest putting in some efforts in building a wide array of BRICS and keep them at a reasonable price. they’ll come flocking in.

Example.: EverWeb built it’s popularity on that very feature, god knows it isn’t very good but it has manage to stay in the market place based on cheap widgets that allow anyone regardless of experience build a site under a few hours thanks to the 100’s… of cheap widgets available.

That’s my 2 cents worth, cheers

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I’m tempted to mention Blocs 3 on the Freeway forums, but I fear it might be too great a shock for them and cause a few heart attacks. Apparently somebody is working on a new version but it’s been at least a year now I think without a real news update.

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:rofl: yeah you’d better be careful.

Yes, I agree that the PR department could do much more. I most definitely looking forward for more free tutorials.
With all the respect to Eldar, his tuts are just expansive and to my surprise cazoobi’s own YT channel is dead as … dead. The latest videos are from last year ??? There are not even the launch videos of the new 3.0 version. I am mean . . .what???


I am working on a lot of free videos for YouTube as well! Plus there is a Blocs Guy, who also promised to post free tutorials soon! So, stay tuned :slight_smile:


Norm I missed the Black Friday deal as I had to wait to get paid. I checked This morning and it was gone. Can you get me a link for that pricing?

lol, we don’t have department for that. There are only 2 of us at the moment, but thats changing soon.

Our vimeo is a little more active, we plan on moving over to youtube soon, so its not dead but unused at present.


If you need job opening, let us know. maybe someone is suitable from the community to help the product grow :slight_smile:

:wink: Norm, I am just teasing. Amazing app as Blocs 3 is . . . we all will do our best to make it SOUND loud. Wish there is more YT presence and more what Blocs can do better for Muse users. Simple as that. Especially in the year when MUSE was abandoned and many many many people are wondering around like zombies trying to gasp on what really has happened to them. Adobe has no real follow up and Blocs would fill the bill from what I could understand ( to be honest, after purchasing Blocsv. 2.0 and other Mac only web softs while still remembering iWeb, I did went to Muse, but after getting upgrade of B v 3.0 I am re-learning it and find it quite close) Hopefully it will pickup on the momentum.