Why will appear this problem?

Can not run BLOCS, as has been shown above the question, I don’t have network problems


Uh … opened the VPN, before entering the software, why must the server to enter the software?:worried:

The app checks in one every 30 days to make sure you license is valid, it gives us as a company protection against people buying and then getting refunded and continuing to use the app.

Blocs checks you have an internet connection by connection to google.com, so make sure you have access to that.

As you said, after I opened the VPN, problem solved,Because is not even on GOOGLE in China, can only use VPN, this is a problem that makes people upset!:joy:
Hope BLOCS can do it, the more the better!

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ufff !! blocs asked me for internet connection… I didn’t know blocs requires internet connection…
sorry i bought app…not for me

Ohh, me too I didn’t know that.

@Norm I understand that you have to verify licenses, but this could be once a problem, when your server crashes an you are not available for more than a month. (I had once a bad experience with a server one person company, where the owner had a car crash and was for some weeks in hospital) Some people will rely more and more on the app, if they use it as main app for their business. So please in the future also offer a 100% Offline license, which will not be refundable.

It’s in the terms you agree to when you purchase the app. It doesn’t constantly require a connection. Just once every 30 days a call is made to the server to validate the license.

Blocs 3 will be moving licensing over to a big company (Paddle), so downtown and me being run over by a bus won’t effect Blocs by the end of this year :sunglasses:


Thank you very much Norm for clarifying this. :sunglasses::+1:

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…but please do be careful Norm…a life is more important that a piece of code!! :slight_smile: :innocent:


I will and I agree :+1:


I already moved out ! but i will paste somebody else’s comment on this regard, on a diff software, but same issue…which I second totally…
"I notice that the xxxxxx Program loads much of it’s facilities from the Internet and a xxxxxx Server and requires an Internet connection to function. This poses the following questions:

  1. How can you work on a project totally locally? For example I often go away to a beach location to work on a project without interruption and a relaxing atmosphere where I can do a great deal of work in a short space of time, but there is no internet there, so how can I work on a xxxxxx project?
  2. My Internet provider is not very reliable and I have no alternative providers, and the internet drops out on many occassions, then making working on xxxxx projects impossible until the internet comes back. How can I continue to work on a project with no internet?
  3. What happens if you decide to no longer produce xxxxx? How does one then update or maintain a xxxxxx project?
  4. Is there any plans to provide a version that will work locally with no internet connection or not relying on web based facilities for the program? “”