Will V4 be released soon?

Just wondering, it’s been a lot of small small updates about every week, and updates are of course interesting and probably good, but when will we see a major upgrade, hopefully with a lot of BIG things happening (group functions and more )?

Blocs v4 is expected to come later this year. @Norm has not given an exact ETA at this time but did mentioned some promising changes.


Thanks for the info.

He said something like “Not much longer” in another thread. That can mean anything though :wink:

Wow, “Not much longer”… to me this sounds like later today or tomorrow :slight_smile: I will stay awake this nite…

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Yes, that can be found in the Wish List thread from a week ago.

At the start of March the following was also stated:

So that was about 4.5 months ago, not that it gives anymore concrete clarity to the release date. But its certainly closer given the duration since that statement and the timeframe that was given.

We could assume Covid-19 :mask: allowed Norm like most developers more time to concentrate and focus directly on development since many other activities became no longer as viable given the situation. So its actually been a good time of heightened focus for most developers as a positive during this time. Testing would remain being done by long standing chosen Blocs users remotely. So no real difference there and with many stuck indoors more, that should be more focused than normal also.

:timer_clock: :wink:

I always had the impression software developers barely see daylight anyway :wink:

I think you would be amazingly suprised. :zipper_mouth_face: :wink:

Haha, wonderful, of course they see the daylight all the time, probably too often, being out in the sun, dancing, drinking umbrella drinks, that’s why great, important new software versions always comes second hand…