Woocommerce theme issue

Hello Team,

Sorry about my first post been an issue but have been googling stuff for the past 3 days with no luck; I have created a WP theme (Love that about blocs ) successfully but when attempting to add woocommerce I have issues adding products, doing it directly from the startup wizard i get the following error (including html tags)

There has been a critical error on this website.

Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.

also attempting to add it directly im not able to see the editor correctly, background of the textarea editor and text are white, on the right sidebar of the editor i see the following error

“There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”

I change the theme to default twenty two theme and it works perfect but not with the one i created in blocs , i am thinking there might an issue with custom post type been diplay but then again would that affect the admin page, also in the list of post create i see data is not correctly aline, i dont see the post name correctly just see the id

thanks in advance for the assist

Hi, I’m not an expert, but like you I also tried to create a woocommerce theme without success. woocommerce uses a custom post type for products. If you create a page called “single-product” on blocs, you will edit the product page. However, you cannot create a custom post type called product on blocs because this will override the woocommerce settings creating various problems.

Thanks for the fast reply, i try to follow several tutorial on how to add support for it with no success, did you ever get it working with the steps you mention?

So quick update, i have added the single-product page and made the changes in the function.php; I got it to work but had to remove headers and footers since i got menu items in the admin page. now looking to see how i format the product page.