Wordpress Blocs advice!

Hi all,

I have come across some clients who have paid plugins for their company and have asked if I can use them on Blocs. Originally this was a no and we sourced an alternative, or they would use someone else.

Now Blocs can be used with wordpress i have the following questions for the wordpress and experts amongst us, now I have watched the videos on YouTube etc - but if you guys and @Norm could offer me some help this would be great ( I have numbered the questions, so they are easier to follow if someone can only answer 1 or 2 etc…)

  1. I take it, I design the framework in Wordpress and any text, headers etc and then can this be changed/updated fully in wordpress or do i need to bounce between Blocs and Wordpress?

  2. Can I just bring in a basic website and then add more pages, and content fully within WP or do i need to add pages all via Blocs and then bring back over?

  3. My biggest request is 3rd party plugins, I will need to bring these in at times such as registration with payment portals which clients have and sometimes really fancy countdown timers for event launches etc - is this all compatible in WP with my Blocs project?

  4. What difficulties have you guys come across by combining both Blocs and WP?

Thanks all

Hi @AdieJAM. I’ll reiterate your numbering and add my responses:

  1. Currently Blocs-generated WordPress themes do not allow you to update settings specific to the theme itself (general font type, colors, …). Those will need to be implemented within Blocs itself. However, the content of your site, e.g. the things you write in the editor within WordPress itself can always be changed outside of Blocs.

  2. There’s no way of syncing pages created in WordPress back into Blocs. Rather you’d use Blocs as the means to create the theme, while page and posts (and their content) will always be edited within WordPress

  3. Blocs creates your theme. You could compare any theme you create in Blocs with for example a theme such as Twenty Twenty-One or similar themes. Those define the basic layout structure of your site, but you can add any content to them that you would like. So bringing in a plugin that adds for example a payment portal or fancy countdown times will work exactly the same in a Blocs-generated theme as in any other theme. I don’t foresee any issues there.

  4. The hardest part for me was figuring out some of the functionalities of the WordPress Theme functions within blocs, that weren’t all clear from the instructional video’s put out by Norm (although they were a great help getting started). Since I’ve been mastering those functions though, the thing I need to watch out for is to not over-do my animations, as they will impact performance. But as far as WordPress-integration goes within Blocs, I’m very happy.


Thank you @brechtryckaert - great information.

I am planning after I finish a few projects to look more into it, as I think it will a good advantage for what my clients want.

I wonder how many users on this forum have completed any websites by using wordpress with Blocs - I have seen how @Eldar did his wife’s amazing website and that works well.

Thanks again :+1:


You’re most welcome. Happy to help if you have further questions.

In my opinion, @Norm succeeded at crafting a tool allowing us fully to focus on the layout while still easily allowing us to interface with WordPress in a best-practice standardized manner. I’ve used Pinegrow too and it is far more complex to craft the same type of site. I’m a fan of Blocs :heart_eyes: