Wordpress & Blocs?

Hi All,

Right - I posted something like this a long time ago, but my client has come back with some info they want for 2024 for a new website design.

They currently have a website built in Wordpress and lots of products for people to view in a database which are all in Woo Commerce and using Oxygen. There are around 3,000 plus items which will need to be on there.

Now they love this part of their website but want everything else changed.

I want to build them a website purely in Blocs - but they want their page in Wordpress to stay exactly the same in Woo Commerce - what would the best way to do this, by mixing the two, so no conflict.

Thanks all.

If it was me, I would use a static website for all of the content that is not part of products and woo commerce and then in a sub domain (my-website/store/) place the store which is powered separately by WordPress.

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Hi @Norm - thank you.

They have their website hosted by another company and want to keep the hosting the same - so I would need to get them to move the store only to a sub domain and give me the link and I then just build the whole site - they will just maintain that sub domain.

So I guess I will get the FTP logins from them for the domain and I am good to go.

No worries :smiley:

One factor you will need to consider with this method is SEO, all product URLs will obviously change, this may be a deal breaker for your client.

If that’s the case, you may be able to come up with some htaccess trickery which @brechtryckaert may be able to help with :wave:.

The alternative would be to build a custom WordPress theme with Blocs to replace the current one, however, this is a bigger job, with more learning and many potential pitfalls (since the current setup is a WP page builder, which store all style data in the wordpress database :nauseated_face:).

Anyway a few options.


You could indeed do a 301 permanent redirect for each product url like this:

Redirect 301 /old-url https://www.yourdomain.com/new-url

However… (there’s always a but) an .htaccess file will only be performant when kept under 300 to 500 lines. With over 3000 products, that would be too much (and a huge task) to manually enter each redirect.

Is the current site using a specific structure in the product urls? For example domain.extention/product/name ? Because then you could do a sort of wildcard redirect based on the /product part:

RewriteRule ^/?product/(.\*)$ /store/$1 [R,L]

The above example would take any /product/ url and redirect it to a /store/ variant.

Hope this helps.


thank you @brechtryckaert - this is brilliant information.

I will send you a direct message with some links to their website as you might have a simpler way to do what they are after - I am out tonight but will send tomorrow! Cheers.

Hi @Norm & @brechtryckaert

Thank you for your help on this.

I have another question to yourselves and others with good knowledge on hosting etc!
The current website is hosting on a shared hosting resellers package on http://cloudabove.com

The current developer has asked what cache plugin am I using as there Wordpress site has one and talking to cloudabove they are recommending moving to their cloud hosting which has this all in.

I have done a few websites where I have done websites from a Wordpress to using Blocs / Bootstrap and no issues and never had to log into the hosting to use cache.

Now on my site ground hosting where I host a lot of websites on they do have a dynamic cache which I use and I do use this when I do an update etc.

Is there anything I can use on my project to assist on this? or just carry on as normal…or move to the better package.

Thanks all.

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Hi @AdieJAM ,

Could you dm me the exact domain of the site? I’ll run a test on the site (basically generate a gtmetrix.com report) which would allow me to see what would be best used to optimize the sites’ performance.

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