Wordpress theme - image not found

Hi! I’m new to creating themes in Blocs. Running MAMP to do local development. When I add an image bric to the home page and export the theme, Safari cant find the image. It shows the source is set to http://localhost/wordpress-trunk/img/ but Blocs has placed the image in /wordpress-trunk/wp-content/themes/ThemeName/img. I must be doing something wrong, but can’t figure out what. Any ideas gratefully received!

What’s your MacOS version? Did you export the images as WebP?
Might be (if you’re on an older version of MacOS) that your Safari version doesn’t support WebP just yet.

Does it work correctly in Chrome for example?

Thanks Brecht. I’m using Mac OS 12.6.1 and Safari 16.1, but it looks like the Blocs Webp export setting is causing my problem. If I set it to not export webp then delete and reinsert an image, all the images on the page appear as expected. I think I’ll leave webp off until has has broader compatibility.

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