Wordpress theme post title hyperlink

I am trying to build a theme in Wordpress and I am unable to convert the post title into a hyperlink with permalink as target. I mean can see the options and have added the permalink, but its just not working as a link in the published theme. What am I doing wrong here?

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Same problem, @Norm can you solve this problem?

Mmmm, can you try Navigate to URL instead of WordPress link (in the dropdown menu) and enter %WP_link% in the URL field just below.

I tried but, unfortunately, it didn’t work

Can you put the post title data source to none and instead replace your “heading content” text with %WP_title%

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Oh and I think I recall the trick that did it:

Do you see the Label field just under settings? Note carefully: I have added a space before %WP_title% and another space after (I have tried to show it with the cursor)


IT WORKS!!! This message made my day!! thanks a lot!

Nice workaround :smiley:

I got some good information :slight_smile:

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