Wordpress to blocs

Hi there

does any one know of an existing wordpress to blocs converter

I will be more than happy to pay a premium for this type of converter

I have many wordpress websites and I would like to migrate to blocs to get rid of updates and maintenance

I did read about blocs to wordpress but what about the wordpress to blocs do you think it is something someone already working on and have some sort of working converter that I can purchase

thank you

That’s not possible or at least not currently and I doubt it ever will, because there are simply too many possible scenarios. Actually it raises a question for me regarding maintenance charges, since I plan on producing sites with Wordpress for clients after the export ability arrives in Blocs.

I can easily understand your wish to avoid the ongoing maintenance and switching to Blocs, but it looks like your best bet would be to copy past content and style as needed. Given that you already have a design, font choices, images and colours it should be relatively fast in theory.

there are already existing plugins which convert wordpress to static site

will it be possible in the future to have static. to blocs converter

and is there any blocs developers who I can pay to get custom converter ?


Are you interested more in the pages or in the blog posts?


only the pages

blogs, comments, contact form or any other fancy wordpress stuff is not necessary we are more than happy to do bit of customisation before pushing it to git

Actually you could consider something like WP2Static (https://wordpress.org/plugins/static-html-output-plugin/ to download a zipfile with the fully HTML-rendered output of the entire site. This could make it a lot easier to reproduce the layout in Blocs.

As I have to do the same thing over and over again, I really wish there was a tool which directly convert to blocs and I can just start editing in blocs. the same way blocs to wordpress converter it will be great if there was also and option to convert it the other way

I think it will also convert a lot of people currently stucked with wordpress to migrate to blocsapp

@brechtryckaert do you know an expert who can make such converter for me


To be fair I don’t think such a converter is (currently) that feasable, since the rendered HTML would differ depending on which plugins are used, but also based on the theme that’s used. I think this could only be done if you limit yourself to a specific theme and limit your plugins to a fixed set. But that would defeat the point of using WordPress, as you use plugins to extend WP’s capabilities. By default a theme won’t output the same style of rendered HTML that Blocs generates. So each piece of code would need to be converted to be editable in Blocs.

I’m guessing our best option will be @Norm ‘s implementation of Blocs to WP. I’m going to make an educated guess here, but I reckon the exported WordPress theme will maintain Blocs’ specific rendered HTML code. I think this might also mean that, using the generated theme by Blocs as a base theme, such a converter (WP to Blocs) should be a lot easier. But again, this is an estimated guess based on my understandig of how Blocs works and my personal knowledge of WordPress.

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I currently use site sucker and this is a great plugin make any wordpress website static in minutes

before download we deactivate all plugins. So, no login, blogs or any other functionality which require database.

the only reason we or clients used wordpress in the past was to make websites easily with divi, elementor page builders but we can now do the same with blocsapp.

but if only I can migrate the static site to edit in blocs that will be a great benefit to me using blocsapp.

and I am happy to pay the premium for this as it will save a lot of resources, security and maintainance costs.

blocs to wordpress sounds really nice but I don’t think it will get that traction as if I want to create a wordpress site there are 1000’s of options for me to choose from but If I am using wordpress and want to migrate to blocs there is 0 options. I think @Norm should create easy onboarding from other platform to blocsapp

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