Working on a new sidebar navigation for Photograph template

Hi guys,

I am working on a new advanced sidebar (vertical) navigation for the new version of Photograph template.

Not many people will remember, but Photograph was the first ever template I have built with a vertical navigation. It’s actually still online here. I have made this more than 6 years ago (time flies crazy fast).

The new template is still work in progress, but you can already see the first draft version here. Please let me know if you find any critical bugs with the navigation (ignore everything else, as the page content is still not finalised).





Hi @Eldar

Only had a quick look and so far - WOWOW! amazing work !

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Fantastic and it works GREAT!!!
Love the drop down effect when the menu has multiple entries

Rich the Weather Guy


Great work, Eldar! Will the dropdown-function come to the menu of the APRIL-Template, too?

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Me too.
And it would be great that will close when you click another dropdown.

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Hi @csuhr, Thanks! April template uses the icon-based menus (almost like app icons), so I am not sure how I can incorporate the dropdown menu there?

Hi @Bootsie, this is actually not difficult to archive, but I have decided not to do that for this particular template. Same as mobile menu, where I have decided to not use the dropdown menus at all, just a list of links.

You’re the master. :+1:

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Well, it’s a personal preference! I might build a version with accordion too. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi @AdieJAM, by the way, I’m working on the new much improved Event template for the next months and I would love to pick your brain about what’s best for this type of websites!

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Yeah of course mate - will love to assist in anyway I can. Drop me an email or message! I have some amazing ideas which I have done and clients blown away with and would love to pass this over and see you work your magic!

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Ok Eldar, you’re the boss :)) - I was just curious… All the best!

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haha, no. :joy: I guess I just lack imagination! I will actually think if I can create some cool looking dropdown menu for this, a good challenge. All the best to you too :pray:t2:

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I will, thanks :pray:t2: