WP into Blocs & WP

I have a friend who has a website which uses WP. They are using WooCommerce to create a shopping list of items they stock for clients to get quotes.

Now they want there website re-designed, but to keep the 3,000 products they have in WooCommerce there still.

If this was in Ecwid, I could just re-design and drag the code back in - but not as easy with WooCommerce.

So is this possible to re-do this in Blocs/WP and bring in the older WooCommerce info they have back into it?

Cheers all !

Why not just build a Wordpress theme that supports Woo?

Is the client wanting to move away from WP? If not it makes the most sense to build a custom theme.

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hey, new here - is it possible then to create a default product page template for WooCommerce?

Or there is a list of short codes available for Woo, like the ones available to WP?

Hi @Norm thanks for your reply.

They want to keep this in Woo and they are used to the WP structure.

So I can build a theme in Blocs and integrate this in WP and bring their full WooCommerce structure into this?

Yes, but Blocs might need some extra stuff to make woo integration a little easier for no coders.

But if you can code you can probably hook up the product stuff with the code widget.

But in a nutshell you would need to make a Wordpress theme with woo commerce product support which is essentially a custom post type.

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There are no woo short codes but tell me what you need and I’ll add them.

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hey, appreciate the attention

well, i don’t know if it works per say (i’m still scouting to see if i get Blocs + Blocs Plus), but when you have WooCommerce installed, any WordPress theme technically should be able to read WooCommerce shortcodes.

If there’s any way we can design a Product Page template using the Products shortcodes, it would be awesome and it would add immeasurable value to an already valuable software.

ps: there is some stuff translated wrong to Portuguese (as if translated by Google type of wrong), where I can give feedback to help it get better?


Awesome I’ll check that out.