WP site content across different blocs

Hi there,

I wonder if there is a way to spread the content of a WP site across multiple blocs/sections which are for example separated by another bloc set up and designed in blocsapp. So just to get me right. Imagine the folowing structure from top to bottom:

Bloc 1 (WP_Content) as usual (Topic one)
Bloc 2 (some design and text set up in blocsapp) -> for design reasons
Bloc 3 (WP_Content) here now “Topic two” of the site´s content -> nicely structured because separated by Bloc 2

and so on…

Can anyone help or has a hint for me?
Thx and greetz from Germany

Not as of right now, as the current implementation only allows for one use of the WP Content Bric. Using it twice would create a duplicate post loop in Bloc 3 (keeping the numbering of your example).

However, since you are able to add a WP Widget area there, you could use a widget to add the default recent posts or archive widget to display content/titles from a specific category.

It’s far from ideal, but it’s what we got right now. Though I’m guessing the WP implementation will expand towards the future…

Thanks for your reply. I was already thinking that using widget areas will solve this problem, but not as elegant as it may be possible. If you have lots of different widget areas across a site project it may result in some kind of clutter in the widget WP backend. LQQKING forward towards future WP implementation.