Wysiwyg cms?

Are there any free or reasonably priced WYSIWYG CMSs for Blocs out there?
I’ve tried using Cushy but it’s not really user friendly for my technophobe clients. They only want to be able to click on a picture or text and change it without having to put it inbetween HTML or CSS coding.

Please help!

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I plan on looking at this more in the next few days, but it’s a free option that works with Blocs and there is a range of plugins for added functionality. http://octobercms.com

Pulse uses Redactor - which is a really easy to use point-and-click WYSIWYG editor for clients to change just text or images:


I could not even get it to run… needs a special database obviously. it’s not for noobs like me I guess :wink:

Here’s a shameless plug for Surreal CMS. I just revamped pricing last week. Your clients will have no trouble using it once you’ve set it up :slight_smile: