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I recently graduated from college, so I’m trying to put myself out there for potential careers. I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life though right now.
I know how to code but understand that Apps like Blocs are becoming more and more prevalent in terms of website design. Still, I went ahead and started working on my portfolio site.

Here is my Portfolio Website (still work in progress):

I also redesigned one of my development team sites a few years ago, however, time has not been kind to it and it has gotten severely cluttered. It needs a major clean up or possibly a full refresh:

Since I gotten home, I’ve been playing with Blocs a lot more but still haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can do. It’s still probably one of my most beloved mac apps ever.

Thanks for the feedback

Isiah Johnson

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I think there is a little too much animation. It doesn’t look very clean - particularly where you have blocks of text rolling above and below images.

Animation should really serve a purpose - to draw attention to items of importance. At the moment it just looks like you’ve added the animations just because they are available.

The basic styling is OK, but I think you need to work on “purpose” and “Objectives” a little more, but a good start.

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You need to improve type working, hierarchies and visual rhythms so the site has its own personality.
Work with a grid, element sizes, margins, colors, types, there are a lot of variables you can work with. First I recommend you to make a design and then replicate it on blocs. You actually have the texts and paragraphs as the app drops them. Make sure every element looks like you want to look

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Hi, this site provides good examples of websites made in Bootstrap, you can use it for inspiration… Bootstrapian :wave:t2:


Just updated the Objective. Is it a little better? I figured when I found out what I wanted to do, I could always just change it along with my resume.
Also I will definitely consider removing the animations. It was really just something that I used to catch my clients’ attention when I showed them some of my sites but I really don’t like Scroll FX all that much in general.

Thanks so much.
I did start playing with the margins on buttons and certain images a little bit which is showing right now. Then I looked at Web Fonts such as Roboto and Oxygen.
The projects page though is something that I’m honesty clueless on what to do with in terms of revamping.