Just found a rather cool little phone app for monitoring your websites and letting you know when the server goes down. It’s completely free and checks once every 60 seconds. It also includes some other features like response tools.


I downloaded the app and it did absolutely nothing? Showed the logo in the middle of the screen and acted like it was locked up?


Strange. Did you register? It’s working fine for me on Android.

I did iPhone. Did not do anything? The app just showed the logo and could not do anything?


I can’t test it here on iPhone. I wonder if it might be worth uninstalling and then try it again. In the past that has worked for me a few times on other apps that were behaving strangely.

That worked!

Another alternative I have been using is https://www.statuscake.com and it works as described, however Zuppit comes with an app that can check details quickly and runs more frequent checks. It’s also easier to set up, plus it will provide push notifications, rather than just emails. I’ll have to wait until a site goes down to see how they compare, but on paper Zuppit looks like a good free alternative to Pingdom.

Ya thanks. It was easy to setup. I wish they would use a little bigger test size. I’ve got mine all in so we’ll see what happens.

Thanks @Flashman It’s alway nice to have another tool to communicate with clients.


Thank you for the Tip :slight_smile: