2 days work, and away it goes…

I’ve been working on a site for 2 days now, went to select something on the canvas and suddenly everything disappeared.
Page previews look fine, but empty pages in the main work area and layer tree.
Restarted Blocs = just the same.
Restarted the mac = just the same

Blocs V5.1.1 on iMac running Big Sur V11.7.8

Just pleased I have a backup from 20 minutes ago.

EDIT: just to add, it happened again, this time just selecting a margin input box in the class manager
EDIT 2: and this time changing the offset on a paragraph box
EDIT 3: new one - all links specified in the body of the page have disappeared. Had to redo them.

Sorry to hear you are having some issues with Blocs crashing.

What is going on in the site? Are you loading any third party code in code widgets in the site?

Hi @Norm, no, not at all.

All built-in stuff apart from easy burger, flexi foot and the waves plug-in in the footer.

One other thing I’ve noticed over recent updates is when you add a h1, h2, para or whatever container, it’s very difficult to actually select the text to change. I’m clicking all over the page and clicking back into the box before I can select. It took me probably a full minute of clicking here there and everywhere earlier (while adding background images and colours where they weren’t wanted with all of my clicks!)

If you create a fresh project do you get the same issue with text Brics?

You issues sound project related.

The text brics have been a problem over the past few projects I’ve done, so I don’t think that’s related to this particular one. However, I’m a graphics tablet user and it may be related to that. I’ll have to hunt my mouse out to find out (sorry, just thought of that!).

As for the disappearing stuff, not a clue as I’m using pretty much everything out of the box with classes attached - all usual stuff.

But I’m now on a 2-hour run with nothing disappearing and only a couple of lock-ups where I couldn’t select anything, which a quit and restart sorted for me (that happens quite a lot - again, on all projects).

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I need to chime in here, because I brought this up many times, if is indeed the same issue, but got very little response.
What I’ve done is I’ve had to use MacClean360 or cleaning out my cash with some other app out the cash every time and then things come back.


How did you go about doing that @KBConcepts?

I’ve now just had another problem crop up - all of the links in the body of my page just disappeared!

Hi, did you restart the mac? This might help to flush the cache.

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Here is on way

For me it is easier to use MacClean360

By the way I’m not sure this is your solution. It does work for me. :slight_smile:

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I have always used Cocktail to clean cache…

Rich the Weather Guy

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Thanks both, I’ll look into this over the weekend.
I’ve never had to clear the macs cache before in using them for almost 30 years, so it’s a new one on me!

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Hi @Fuellemann, yes, it was restarted 4 times yesterday.
Thanks for the reply.

Like you, I am a 30+ year Mac user. Clearing caches has been one of my regular maintenance tasks during those years. It makes a different and you will be surprised at how much space they are taking up on your HD if you have not cleared them before.

Rich the Weather Guy

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Cheers Rich, just done it using Clean My Mac X, so we’ll see how it goes when I get back to Blocs on Monday.

BTW, Im blaming you for the horrible weather we have here today down south in the UK :slight_smile:

Have a goodie

Yeah, I’m blaming @WeatherguyNH as well for the horrible weather we have over here at the moment. :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :umbrella: :grin:

He’s in trouble……,

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He has done well in Auckland, New Zealand. Sunny skies last few days, it’s almost like an early spring here. Thanks Rich :joy:

You know, I just can’t keep you guys happy!!! :laughing:
I try, and try to bring you all good weather, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Obviously, you think I have this ability!!! Maybe I should charge a fee for nice days? :moneybag:
What is a “Nice Day” worth to you guys?
…and don’t get me going on those who love the heat, hate the snow, while the other half loves the cold, and hates the heat.

There is just no satisfying you guys!!! :face_with_monocle:

Rich the Weather Guy


Free* Sunhine

*with subscription.

Or less scammy… Sunshine included with subscription :grin:

I’d subscribe Rich :grin:


Does it come with a handy tickbox :white_check_mark: to choose the weather of the day? That would be HUGE! :grin: