2 different Menus | different Bloc Pages

In the Global Area, we have a NavBar Menu that is seen on all Blocs pages. How do you make a Nav Different Menu that does not use the Global one?
Also what class controls with background color for the Global Area NavBar Menu?
Same with the Text color is that control by a custom class?
Appreciate anyone help, I’m almost finished with LifeHealingCoach

Hi @KBConcepts

With respect to adding a second menu, you can add it to any area you wish however you will need to set the data source to none. For this, first choose the nav list in the menu appearance:

then set the source to none:


This will make your second menu independent from the first one.

Then if you want this second menu to point to a page that will not be in your first menu you will need to make sure that the page is not used in your first menu (Primary Menu):

If you only want to colour the background for the Navbar you can colour the column in which the NavBar is nested:

If you want to colour the entire area then apply the same colour to the Bloc it self:

Finally, if you want to change the menu links colour the List:

I believe this is the most simple way to achieve what you are looking for.

You can also follow this support document:



Thanks so much, @MDS. I’ll give it a go today.

You’re welcome.


@MDS Here the choices for Appearance, I do not see Nav List. Is it because I’m not on the correct Navigator line?

My goal is to being able to click ( Global NavBar ) Services, which is a Target on the Home page, and have it leads to a different Nav Menu located on other Bloc Pages (Call, Meet or Walk). I hope I explain it well. :slight_smile:

Hi @KBConcepts Indeed, you are not on the correct line.

If you look at the image I originally uploaded you will see that the nav list ist located within the Nav Container.