Navbar & Footer export desactivation distinctly to pages


Supposing it is very fast to do and technically possible in ref to Bootstrap, the simple idea is to have the possibility to desactivate for export navbar’s as footer’s bloc according to page as for all Blocs.

Inded, was looking for not having the “all page top navbar” on Home, in two clicks it would then be possible and so easy.

Tried css basic trick (with “Home” assignated in Page property off course), BStr still has priority (even with !important) :

.home #navbar {
	height:				0px !important;
	padding:			0px!important;
	background-color:	green!important;

Tried also there (2 different Menus | different Bloc Pages), nope.

One hour spent and still no solutioning… (maybe I’m once again missing something very noob :grin:)

Brainstorm :

As also why not basics styling by page in right frame for Navbar & Footer ?
Then why not with a checkbox desactivated by default at top of right frame :

  • [ ] Apply to this page only .

Having then the possibility to change some very basic styles of navbar as footer relative to page, as eg background color… but still then with “core universality”.
I know it is possible to create a menu and put it in a specific bloc by page in top page (as it’s surely several ways how to…), but it’d be less to do : navbar > right frame some style with page under eyes and that’s it, rather than creating blocs, styles, etc.

Personnaly as wysiwig user, would appreciate : the “powerfull” of “universal” nav & foot, with a gain of visual styling flexibility in two clicks.

Back to my site :exploding_head:, if there is an easy noobing :smile: way (if not I give up, other way…) to hide the navbar on Home only, i’m taker.

Thanks for read,