Is there a video description of accordion creation somewhere?
I found it before but I can not find it

It’s coming soon!


FAQ is available now: FAQ page


This is probably the video you saw and here is more info also.

Or as @casey1823 mentioned above, its coming soon in Blocs 3, stated to be released next week.

Accordion Bric - Blocs 3:

I am new to Bloc’s I am trying to add FAQ to the dynamic area it will only let me add it to a Global area? how do i add it to a dynamic area?

Hi @mikenbrenda
You can add it to either area, you just need to add a Structure first and then drop FAQ into it. FYI - the top & bottom areas are the global areas (same on all pages) and the middle is the dynamic area (different on ea. page)

Have fun.


Thanks!! I get it now duh! ok, how would i put a spacer between each FAQ Question, i did some and they are close together? sorry for being so new…

Try adjusting the Quest. LnHt. for each question. If that’s still not enough, then assign a faqwrappper class in the Classes control and then click on faqwrapper and set the margin-bottom to some large pixel value.

The faqwrappper did the trick! that was slick…now how about the spacing between the Question and the Answer? how do i space that out?

Try opening the class manager and creating a class of .faqwrapper .aline
Be sure to put the dots before each w/ a space in between and when prompted, ‘keep the spacing’. Then click on the editor icon to the right of that class & assign a margin-top of some value.