Add a free form text tab to the Class Editor


It would be nice to have an additional tab in the Class Editor that we could add additional manual class settings code to a class.

for example:

flex: 1 0;
top: 50%;
left: 50%;
transform: translate(-50%, -50%);

Anything a power user might want to add manually to the class.


I’ve asked for this before too, it’s on my list. Although we do now have a dedicated CSS input zone which is a good step forward. And will add css to the style sheet.

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I’d really like that too.

I would add too that it used media queries automatically based on breakpoint like the rest of the class editor. That would be cool.

And why?

Because right now I have a project, that has only 4 pages but over 100 lines of additional CSS :joy::rofl:

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Hi @PeteSharp,

Where is this CSS input zone?

Code editor. There is a drop down in the top left that changes zones.

Ah, ok, I’ve been using it. But it’s still doesn’t substitute what you and I are asking for. I would make so much sense to add that to the class editor.

I’ve been learning Blocs for the last couple of weeks, as I would like to port some of my stacks into Blocs. The class editor is great in Blocs, but this feature would make it completely open and flexible.

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Small number of users would use it though. Norm has to prioritise his time. There is more enhancements coming to the code editor as I understand it. Which is good in the mean time.

I concur that would be wonderful, it was discussed previously also by @webdeersign, another weaver.

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