Adobe Muse -- Ending Development Today 3-26-18

Adobe Muse Product Announcement
As Adobe continues to re-focus on developing products and solutions that provide our customers with the most value, we are now announcing the end of new feature development for Adobe Muse CC.

On March 26, 2018 we will release the final feature improvement release of Adobe Muse.

:roll_eyes: Another failed experiment from Adobe. Though perhaps good news for @Norm and Blocs.


No surprise, Muse users are pretty restless and anxious over there.

@Norm ,

You should maybe run a promo code like “Adobe-Muse-Repacement” and offer a discount for Blocs to Adobe Muse users as a possible “Adobe Muse Replacement”, especially if you can declare some viable v3 features which are coming soon. Seems like a ripe moment in time for people looking for Adobe Muse alternatives.


Be interesting to know how Norm will be able to identify a defecting Muse user without giving the world a discount.

As someone who has an Adobe subscription, that’s kinda sad.

Adobe is struggling with innovation.

Have you never seen this done?

When Adobe initially switched to CC, Corel and many other alternative applications offered discounted cross-grades for Adobe users. It can certainly be done. But even so, for simplicity sake even a flash sale based upon a targeted reason, still gets more users on board with Blocs and is additional advertising.

Yes I have, but Norm != Corel and I’m not sure if he has the resources or inclination to be verifying Adobe licences, not that I am sure many Muse users have ever heard of blocsapp let alone necessarily have an inclination to defect in enough numbers to make this worth Norm’s while.

Muse may well be frozen, but tomorrow it is the same program Adobe users were happy to use and that will be so until the user base decides how to respond.

Your suggestion is perfectly good, let’s see if Norm goes with it.

It’s a good idea, but I’m not sure how I would be able to validate the licenses but I’ll certainly consider it.

Maybe some of the community should go forth into the Adobe Muse forums and spread the word about Blocs :sunglasses:

@Blocs_User I’m totally shocked by this news, reading the post is rather unpleasant, it’s a full scale shit storm :poop: :umbrella:


Yeah, it looks rough over there on the Muse Forum, pure carnage. Adobe already weathered this type of thing when they switched to CC, so they ultimately could care less what users want or have to say. This pales in comparison to the CC switch, but has a similar feeling.

Business Catalyst is now also done, I think more will follow also.

Looks like they are refocusing on XD. Everyone seems to be so engrossed in prototyping apps these days.


Prototypes are fine, but if they can’t bridge the gap to production or end product then the designers and creative types are still left in the dark. Adobe just made that similar gap wider, at least in the short term for those Muse users.

The Adobe Business Catalyst announcement today was probably the tougher of the two, imagine some needing to migrate that mess. Carnage on that forum as well.

They must of felt neither would matter as they looked at the CC bottom line, can’t imagine the fallout though.

What is, I mean was Business catalyst?

It was kind of a juggernaut of features. You can see a simple overview here

Or nostalgically here:

I’m a longtime adobe Muse user and am extremely disappointed. Someone over there mentioned Blocs. Can anyone here tell me how it compares to Muse and if Bloc has in browser editing? TIA

Hi @felyne , weclome to the Blocs forum.

Firstly sorry to hear of the “discontinuation of Adobe Muse” and what that means for it’s users. In regards to in browser editing, Blocs offers integration with various CMS solutions to quickly edit text, images, etc., allowing updates remotely via a browser.

You can see more on Blocs and CMS here:

Does that help with your question?


Also please note that Blocs 3 will be out later this year and the Blocs API was just released so 3rd party developers are now able to extend and offer additional features for Blocs users as well. So definitely keep an eye on Blocs as your possible “Adobe Muse alternative”.

Here is a current Blocs user who was previously an Adobe Muse customer.

He also now offers affordable Blocs Courses for learning, if that would help you assimilate from Muse faster:

You can also see all the official Blocs documentation here:

Again welcome to the community.


In particular I have more than a dozen sites echos adobe muse, since its launch was one of the tools to make websites that I liked a lot, its easy to use and the widgets that it has lets you do a lot of things! … Then I found blocsapp, and look at me here making the pages in blocsapp, I will not deny that the lack of add-ons or widgets, brics encourages little, but bloc is growing in a gratifying way! and I have adapted in a pleasant way, just need that blocapp release its own cms :joy:

without a doubt there are things that I still do not understand about blocapp, but I have caught a lot of passion, I am not a programmer so it fits very much the drag and drop! …

finally Viva blocsapp…:sunglasses:


Adobe users can get a big discount without Norm needing to do much of anything. They simply ditch Photoshop for Affinity Photo, ditch Illustrator for Affinity Designer, and ditch MUSE for Blocs. (They soon will be able to ditch InDesign for Affinity Publisher, when that comes out.) Once you ditch that wallet-eating subscription model, you save a bundle!

No doubt MUSE users are Googling the web right now and Blocs will surely appear in those search results. If Norm wants to do anything he could just put the following in big text on the top page of his site:




Adobe does not care about us little guys. They only care about the big business model. They have shown this time and time again, ending programs that users have purchased and vested time in learning. The subscription model led me to Blocs way back in version 1. I ditched Dreamweaver, InDesign and Illustrator. The only thing I still have is the Photographers bundle. We’ll see how long they continue to have a decent price on it.

Infinity is making some great products that can replace Adobe. I love Infinity Designer and if I didn’t have years of Lightroom/Photoshop catalogs I’d probably ditch them to.


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I’m another Muse refugee looking for a new home. Can you tell me about your roadmap and what to expect in Blocks 3?


Welcome Rick,

Blocs is very actively being developed, the road map for version 3 is currently not public to help us keep a few surprises for our users and competitors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I have shared snippets here and there so here’s a few.

  1. New bric bar / library UX
  2. New scroll animation effects
  3. Bootstrap 4 support
  4. Ability to add custom data attributes
  5. Refreshed UI

This is by no means a complete list. Release date for Blocs 3 is not confirmed but we hope to ship it before the end of 2018.


the ending of muse pushed me out of the “comfort” zone of adobe this week for good and I found blocs. damn this is good. after checking out other tools – mostly browser based, this (and sparkle) are realy designer friendly. no code means no code. big props to @Norm for that tool.