Announcing: the .htaccess booklet for Blocs and Blocs Plus - UPDATED

Hi everyone,

Today I’m very happy to announche the launch :rocket: of my first Blocs-specific publication:

.htaccess booklet for Blocs and Blocs Plus

In this publication you’ll find a bunch of code snippets, together with some explanation on their implementation and structure.

Table of contents:

Section 1 - The .htaccess in depth

  • What’s the .htaccess file?
  • Editing your .htaccess
  • Directives for rewriting urls

Section 2 - The .htaccess for Blocs

  • Blocs: Redirecting traffic
  • Blocs: Customize your server pages
  • Blocs: Performance tweaking
  • Blocs: Making your website more secure
  • Blocs: Blocking attacks from bad actors
  • Blocs: Building a multilingual site with language detection

Section 3 - The .htaccess for Blocs Plus

  • Blocs Plus: Securing your WordPress site

And of course I’m including an additional PDF with all code snippets, to make it easy to copy and paste the code into your own .htaccess file.

The book is delivered as an ePub file, with optimized versions provided for:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple Books
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Google Play Books
  • Rakuten Kobo
  • Generic ePub file for all generic e-readers

There’s now also a PDF version of the booklet included.

Available now via my Gumroad store for just € 6.99

PS: you might want to check my profile page here for a hidden 20% discount code :wink:


Excellent @brechtryckaert

Going to purchase this right now.

EDIT: Quick skim over, this is going to be a great reference for future use.

By the way I paid full price :smile:, Thanks for taking the time to put this together.


Thank you so much @PeteSharp , that’s genuinely appreciated :pray:

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There were some issues with the “blocsforum” discount code not applying correctly. Thanks again to @Jannis and @Flashman to notify me.

Here’s a direct url with the discount code applied: Htaccess Booklet for Blocs and Blocs Plus


Purchased as well. That sounds like a very neat little booklet to have. Thanks for putting that together!

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Thank you very much for your support, @pumpkin.

Congratulations on your success! This looks like such a great tool! It’s worth more than $6.99. Don’'t need any discount. The labourer is worthy of his hire. :smile:

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Do you really want me to go and search for half a cup of coffee discount?:thinking::coffee::melting_face: Great products don’t require to be discounted! :sunglasses:
In the pocket and thanks for the awesome work! Secondly, it’s Friday and I need to prepare the :coconut::palm_tree: for the weekend :joy:


Thanks for those kind words, @KBConcepts. It’s more that I have a warm place in my :heart: for this community, so a discount is my way of giving some extra gratitude :wink:

Thank you very much @Jerry. I hope you find it really useful. Thanks so much for the support :pray:

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Nice compendium of htaccess codes :+1:

Definitely very helpful.

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Thank you very much @Jannis. Really appreciated :star_struck:

@brechtryckaert this looks great, thanks for taking the time to put this together :raised_hands:

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@Helen, thank you and @Norm for creating such a nice platform we can build all kinds of products for :heart_eyes: . And an amazing community to go with it of course :wink:


Brilliant! This is awesome thanks for sharing all that knowledge.

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Thank you very much for those kind words, @Norm :heart_eyes:

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I wonder if this can be added to the blocs store, so it gains more exposure.


How cool is this!!
Books about Blocs!!

We HAVE grown up!

Rich the Weather Guy


Just purchased…I will be awaiting the sequel: Return to the Planet of Blocs!
Maybe: htaccess 2 - The Awakening
Back to the htaccess?
htaacess 3 - The conjuring

Nice work Brechtry

Rich the Weather Guy


Thank you very much for your support @WeatherguyNH . It’s really appreciated. I’ll see what I can do about those book prompts :wink: