Anybody familiar with Blocs for Mac?

I’m trying to work with a designer that doesn’t code and they’re using Blocs for Mac. I am not familiar with the app, so I set out to learn about it and how to use it. I haven’t had much luck. I have been looking all over for a tutorial and haven’t really found anything useful. The “user documents” page on the bloc website isn’t all that helpful either. This is the first time that I have had this much trouble learning to use a new program and would appreciate some helpful suggestions or pointers in the right direction. Thanks a lot!

Eldar’s videos on YouTube would be a good start. :slight_smile:

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You can also check his website with all courses! Also the master courses are worth the money. Try it!!!

Welcome to the forum @farukhcasy2

Clever title given its a user forum. :laughing:

But in all seriousness, sorry to hear of the struggles and perception you have encountered with the app. What specific challenges related to specific features are you having issues with? Are you approaching it from the standpoint of needing to add code past what the designer has created, or simply from the standpoint of making design edits to what the designer has provided?

If you can be more specific then I’m sure someone can assist in helping you move forward.

As the others have said above the video tutorials and resources created by @Eldar are far and away the most comprehensive and complete that you will find outside of the Blocs documentation itself.

Good news also it sounds like the next version of Blocs supposedly set to release not too much longer, will have added features to help both designers and developers - whichever you might be.