Anyone here use Solis? And what you using!?

Hi all,

Anyone here use Solis for their Blocs designs? I am wondering if this would speed up my web design and I am considering builder a small studio at my house and using some external 24" screens I have in my unit and creating a much better workflow and solis on one, blocs in the middle and any editing to images etc on the right screen.

If you don’t use Solis, what kind of set ups are you all using?

I am currently using a MacBook pro 15" (2015) and use an iPad pro as a 2nd screen via Duet when i need one.

You can see various user submitted images in this original thread where people are using Solis with Blocs across multiple monitors.

However to my knowledge Solis has not seen an update in literally 2 years (November 2018). I was actually thinking to inquire about it myself recently for that very reason. There are many other powerful apps available in this product space if you are not yet familiar with them. Its actually quite a battle for features amongst some of the following.

  • Responsively App
  • Polypane App
  • Sizzy App

There are numerous others also …

  • Slashb App
  • Responsive Viewer Chrome Extension
  • etc.,

The above examples are just naming a few as many others exist also. I’ve used/tried all of those and would say for most users it really comes down to personal preference or seeking certain features.

I’m sure plenty of Blocs users will still declare that even without updates Solis performs for their requirements. Although you can search and find some threads on the forum which state things do not display properly. So it would be nice to see Solis get some attention for itself as these other alternative apps move forward quickly with features.

Hopefully those whom use Solis with Blocs will chime in with feedback or Norm regarding its future.

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@AdieJAM yes @Blocs_User is correct it hasn’t been updated in a while, but I do have plans to spend some time on it soon.

It’s very likely I’ll release a few patch releases for it next year for Apple Silicon, and various other things.

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I’m using Solis and still runs as a charm alongside Blocs. I’m pretty sure (but can’t confirm) we will see an update on Solis anytime soon as well giving the 2 years cycle approach of @Norm.

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Thanks for the detailed reply and added options - great help! thanks.

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nice one ! I am in no rush, but put your efforts into Blocs 4 - as i’m sure soon as its release happens there will be this forum putting it through its paces for you to update elements of it! - but i’d like to keep it with your software and support your work.

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