Introducing Solis


Solis is finally here folks. I created two pages one for those who use a code editor and another for Blocs users.

I also posted the app on product hunt too, to help get word out.

If you are using Blocs with Solis, make sure you switch on canvas broadcasting in the Blocs prefs.


Great work! Congratulations on the release!


I just downloaded it and it looks great.
I will never, ever be able to find out what I can do with it in 48hrs.
Please give us more time.


The trial is unlimited.


Is it more accurate than PINEGROW?


WOW!!! Awesome… :slight_smile: I love this app. This is my ultimate companion hehe.


Bravo @norm , again a fantastic job!!! Bin using the beta version a lot lately, was a big help!!!
Blocs and Solis… Webdesign, the easy way!!


Big congratulations. Looks very slick.


Forget the trial.
I just bought the damn thing :smile:


Congratulations :tada:


@norm what a great companion to the Blocs app. This is going to be so helpful designing new websites. Thank you for the blocs discount, it’s a no brainer for any Blocs user. Being able to see how different views look as you work will really speed up the design process.



Taken! Really interesting. A missing link that is now there.


Congratulations @norm for this excellent application.
The world of Blocs is getting bigger every day.
I bought it.
It is very useful to complement my work with Blocs.
Very good work.
Keep it up.
Best regards.


I’ve only been playing with it for a few minutes but wondered if Solis will be more accurate than Blocs for previewing changes?


The major benefit to previewing in Solis aside from the multiple screen sizes is the fact page attachments such as CSS are loaded into the Solis preview, so it’s defiantly closer to browser. But its v1 so still a lot of room for improvement.


Very nice, and it works a charm! :slight_smile:
Maybe one day we might see mobile view integrated into the Blocs workspace! :slight_smile:


Just wanted to say that I wasn’t expecting to be as blown away as I was when I started to use Solis. Solis is a web building gateway to a web building environment with the links to editors, graphics apps, etc… this is a serious tool and a great way to aide learning how to use code.


It may take a little time getting used to this, but I now have Blocs on one display and Solis on the second.


Very cool!


Excellent addition Norm and the 30% discount appreciated.