Introducing Solis


Presumably the custom viewport allows us to add other devices using a custom user agent string for something like a kindle fire tablet or Moto G smartphone. Is there a recommended list of those agent strings somewhere?


Solics looks really cool Norm!
Would you tell me or make a video on how this App works directly with Blocs.
Also I’m not a coder, so how would this help someone like me?
I read all the documentation and watch the video, but none of that help me.

I appreciate your all the time and expertise you put into this.


Nice, here’s my test setup using Duet and my iPad.



Love it!! This is very cool!


This may help:

I’ll be releasing more blocs focused videos and docs in the coming weeks


Hi Norm,

I ordered Solis immediately to support your creativity with app development.

I do need better docs! I need to know how or what Solis will do. One thing that I REALLY hope is or will be available, is the ability to drag and drop the various devices around and then save them. As an example, I’d like to be able to have all of the iOS iPhones saved in a sequential manner (iPhone4-X). Maybe this is already a feature and I simply can’t find it. At any rate, Solis looks promising. You design such interesting software. Thanks for creating Solis.


Great way to utilize an iPad!

It looks like it’s trend today to share the picture of our setups with Blocs + Solis! :slight_smile:

Here’s mine!


Thank you for that short introduction video.
Solics looks simple, but since you mentioned it is not a code editor, how will this App work with the need for Custom Classes?

As you’re aware Blocs needs tweaking when working with different view ports.
Good example is when one has the duplicate a blocs and hide the Desktop view in order to make the viewable one work on a Smartphone.
Here a website example I built with Blocs.

I would like to have no issues with varying view port breakpoints, but I guess with Blocs that difficult to get around.

Is there a way to have Blocs with code that would adapt to any device, even if the device is turned vertical or horizontal?


You can arrange and move the screens already, just use the editing tool in Solis.


As for saving workspaces, just click the plus (+) symbol next to the dropdown located at the top right side of the window.


I really like that setup!


I found it. Wow. This is really helping me with CSS development. Great job.



Discount? Where is the couponcode?


It was sent out to the Blocs mailing list.


OH OK, I am not on the list :smile:


Forget the trial. I just purchased.
And know we can work it out.
Thanks Norm.


This is amazing. Thanks for this. One improvement. On i would change the video with Because you have the same tutorial video as on front page. It’s little bit confusing.

Looking forward to use this addition to Blocs.



That iPad looks a bit precarious!

I’d consider that setup again and use a small stand for the iPad - compressing the two screens with clips and adding that weight to the MacbookPro is probably not good for the lid or the hinges.

Clever use of a spare iPad.


yes Im meaning to do that.


I just posted a little Solis+Blocs set up knowledge base post, you can read it here.


The clips are from 10 one design and work really well. The iPad Air does not weigh much and the MacBook Pro handles it without even seeming to know there is any weight attached. I’ve got a keyboard case and I also use it but it seems to work better attached to the laptop.