Introducing Solis


@Flashman @casey1823 @Eldar do you mind if I post your workspace photo’s on our twitter account, I think these could inspire a little trend with Blocs users.


Thanks Norm, I didn’t even realize I could open it right in Blocs. Better yet!


By all means, feel free to use the image on Twitter. To me it seems like the logical way to make the most of Solis using two displays.


Feel free, hope it helps.



Something is wrong here, just purchased Solis.


They only show with html files and local hosts, Blocs project shows the page attachments there.


Ok. The screen on my MacBook pro had loose hinges and light as an iPad Air is, it’s not that light!

Anyway, it’s a great use of Solis.


I never got the email, but in the mailing list :weary:


I already have solis looks great and it’s amazing!


Hi Norm – Thanks so much for Solis, looking forward to exploring.

On another note, the music you use in your intro video is amazing…where can I get that? is it on iTunes?



You could check this out…
if not it very similar…Nice that you want to actually buy it…bravo…just like we buy apps like Norms we should buy music. A lot of time effort and money goes into making music.


Yeah it’s called one million.


I agree, we paid the use the music in the Solis promo.


Solis looks good, I added several devices straight away. In my enthusiasm, I added too many and went to find out how to delete some…

@Norm There’s no link to the Solis User Documentation in the Help menu. I expected it to work like Blocs, is this a deliberate omission?


Thank you Norm for the 30% discount. :slight_smile:
Solis for $ 20.99 is a no brainer!


Messed up, missed the promo code add. But hey ho, I have it and a 30% tip for Norm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What is the PHP editor featured in the demo?


Thanks…I’ll check it out! And absolutely, I’m a firm believer in the value of ‘pay-to-play’…and shame on those who use what others create without reciprocating in one fashion or another that is agreeable to all involved.


so it’s by LUDOVICO EINAUDI? Do you recall which album it’s on?


Hey @DanielF,

It’s not by Ludovico Einaudi, it’s by Utah. :slight_smile: I just shazamed it myself