Awwwards and Blocs

Every time I go to awwwards’ website for inspiration and I check the Bootstrap’s websites I feel kind of jealous because I know as a professional designer I can do a DESIGN like those cool sites but I have no clue how can I do it in Blocs without using code… some are really awesome and I wish I could do something like that in Blocs… :sweat_smile:

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wow look at this and this one!!! :heart_eyes:
Don’t think you cant do much like those websites on blocs… for example in this one there is a lot of javascript but I guess us blocs user can always say less is more :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of art site!!


I’ve never heard of this design website before but I’m seeing some really snazzy work done. Nevertheless, I can definitely tell you that Blocs 3 (and likely Blocs 4) can do a lot. As a professional designer, you have more than enough creative skills for website designs. All you need to do now is adjust your workflow to Blocs UI and features and if it’s missing something, remember that you can always import your own code and scripts. We would love to see some of your craft showcased when you’re feeling ready.

Personally, I tend to look at Visualmodo Awards. There are some rather unique designs shown on this site as well. I also posted some of my work a few times.


Keep posting online site for inspiration please :slight_smile:

Never heard about awwwards? wow it’s so famous! I recommend you to check more websites from their site.
@Stewie_Griffin Yeah well, that’s what I was thinking, as for now we cannot do such cool sites with Blocs. IDK, I guess they combine Bootstrap with other coding languages.

What would you use to do those cool animations? Any software capable of doing that or is pure code? Never hear about the site, usually I check on Behance :slight_smile:

I am not a coder but I am sure there are plenty of users here they can answer your question.
I know you can use Tumult Hype 4 for html5 animations and interactions and embed them into Blocs but I don’t know other ways.

Many of the sites add animated page transitions to give greater impact. Others will use css and javascript to animate objects on the page. There are many sites out there that offer animated effect code. Here are a couple to be going on with:

Specifically, all three of those sites that you posted use one common thing — GreenSock’s GSAP.

Arguably the majority of sites submitted on such showcase related websites leverage GreenSock. Its typically regarded as the gold standard for web animation and for immersive web experiences. Users have mentioned it here on the forum a few times if you search.

This is from the GSAP website:

Award winning websites
GSAP is used on over 8,500,000 sites and over 1,000 sites featured on Awwwards.

So behold, the power and versatility of GSAP. :wink:

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I love it! I wish you could see on blocs one day!!

Thanks a lot!! :smiley:

Regarding visual GUI’s for GreenSock there is nothing in existence that can harness the full capabilities of what GSAP can offer. It’s capabilities are just too diverse for a visual interface to be inclusive enough. With most GUI’s that you will find they cater to certain distinct aspects with some doing those things quite well. But because GSAP is virtually infinite regarding what it can animate you will never achieve the fullness of GSAP’s abilities through a singular visual approach. Instead coding GSAP directly using JS along with imagination means the boundaries regarding what you can accomplish will be limitless.

Make sense

But Maybe some basic medium features will be great, for example like blocs carousel which isn’t great but is ok :slight_smile:

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