Basic Countdown for you team!


Good morning guys,

Today I wanted to share a humble detail with you, I know how complicated it sometimes is for people who do not program, give light to our ideas, that is why even though I can not compare with @Eldar and his Apple page, I attached a project quick that I did only in a day like teaser to my wife’s project, in which I am currently working and moving forward with your help.


As it says @MDS perhaps not everything we want is a click away, but what differentiates each project, are the details and how we devise with the resources we have, to get the results we want.

For those who like me, need a little push, I attach the file of the countdown, so that you can enjoy it in your projects, it is simple, but functional.

basic countdown.bloc (727.0 KB)

I hope it helps you.

A big hug for everyone!

Dreamsur :surfing_man:


Hi @Dreamsur

Thanks for sharing :wink:



Thanks @Dreamsur that could be really useful in the future. I’ve even managed to translate it into English!

I shall try to play with it later on and see if I can make the digits a bit smaller at XS size, so it stays on one line. If that’s possible, I’ll post an updated bloc here for others.


Not at all guys, to a greater or lesser extent, I do not have great programming knowledge, but I am one of those who observe and think outside the box, so some little thing comes up every now and then and I think it’s always interesting, ask for help and be helped, but also when you can contribute humbly, with some small detail like this.

Especially since there are many options, but this works great. Simple but effective.

and personally, @Flashman I for the mobile version xs, I wanted it to be like this, divided into 4 and that looks great, not to leave users blind, but any update, that brings more beauty and better features, are well received. :slight_smile:

Thanks to you for making this possible.

Note: @MDS I do not want to abuse you, but I think I’ll have to ask you for help to make my crazy ideas come true. :sweat_smile:


You are talking to an middle aged man, who suddenly struggles to see all sorts of things, so I would have to make sure the text is not too small :eyeglasses:


Hello @Dreamsur

Thank for sharing. If you need any questions about the latest Apple page project, let me know.

As for countdown, I don’t know if you are using a different method compared to what I explained in this thread: Countdown Page

Maybe it will also be helpful to other people! :slight_smile:

Again, Thanks for sharing!



I’ll second that!



The reality is that I do not handle code like you, let alone javascript! But nevertheless I have a strong power of intuition and I usually browse websites of examples such as codepen, and analyze the possibility of applying them to the projects I carry out with blocks.

The truth is that I had not come to see your example of countdown, and at least for other users because we have two examples, someone dares to throw one more?

The truth is that it is a pleasure to be able to contribute my humble grain of sand and be part of this community full of restless minds.

An @Eldar doubt jumps me, I still do not know how the transitions of superimposed images work, with which you make the effects of the interior of the mechanism.

It will be a pleasure to discover how to do it, I love learning and delving into the possibilities of this exciting program. :heart_eyes:


@Dreamsur you just described me. :grinning:
The beauty of Blocs is the forum and those willing to help. Having @Eldar is an added bonus. His tutorial and templates can help any level of Bloc’s user. |


Hi @Dreamsur

I will gladly assist if I can.




More options is always better!

I will share a few videos how to do that in a few days!