Blocs 2.5.0 Beta Build 3


It´s not related to the cache, definetly a blocs thing as if you click on refresh it should show the new updated one.
Even if you click on remove and than again on add new it will show the former unwanted image,
A bit confusing and for sure not nice if you want to keep the given name.


I hadn’t noticed the refresh option, but that fixes it. Perhaps Blocs could refresh the assets automatically at certain intervals.

EDIT, rather annoyingly it’s gone back to the wrong image version after I changed the file name to what I originally wanted. They show up correctly in the asset manager, but the previous version shows up as the placeholder image and in the gallery. Refreshing the asset doesn’t fix that.


Yep, looks like this is fixed with 2.5 and only remaining in the former version, like the good old missing logo thing :slight_smile:


It looks like the asset manager is not communicating changes properly when I select a gallery image, even after refreshing. The only way to fix it from our end is by changing the file name.


Correct, it still doesn´t work, guess it made me happy once because I got the image from a different source.

Handleling a huge photo gallery that is realy not nice.

Hope the asset manager gets a big kick soon in 2.4.6


I’m guessing we’ll go straight to 2.5 and jump 2.4.6.


Hope not, otherwise I get the impression of loosing stability if these “small” things are left behing.
There are still a few more issues, in most cases a restart of the app is the solution.
A bit to pushy…
But that´s in the hands of the masters


Interesting. The web view in Blocs must be caching the images, I’m surprised a restart doesn’t load the latest version.

I’ll have to test that out to see if there is a way around this.


I have given it a try again for and backwards…
I simply give up now and agree with you - a nightmare in handeling huge amount of images.
Asset Manager is one of the weekest points of bocs, beside site manager where you still are not able to place you sites in order cause they are sorted chronowise.
So for the time being and no need on MS explorer I personally stick with another Bootstrap app and Pinegrow.
Nevertheless, blocs has a nice approce in UI and I guess it´s worth to follow. But in terms of complex projects not yet quiet ripe.


Sorry to say, but I agree with this.
The new asset manager doesn’t work for me at all.
The search does find some pictures but not all although they’re listed in the manager.
You also can find them in the projects .img folder. But no luck searching for them in the asset manager.


I’m not sure that you would expect a Web Site Development tool to be managing"huge amounts of images". I would even go further to say there is still no single tool in the Mac App arsenal to this this well enough to please everyone. I found through a lot of trial and error that Pixa meets my needs better than anything else. But there is no Image Manager App in existence that will allow you to view server hosted and local images (if there please let me know about it).

However, I see the job of the Blocs Asset Manager to be the Manager just for the mainly images that you will use in that specific project only. I would see the work process as being to choose a small number of images to use in a project, load into the manager and then use the Asset Manager to mostly visually find them and use them. Blocs should IMHO be the App that deals with only the assets used in that project IMHO. To expect Blocs to manage your entire image library is using the wrong tool for that job.


How are your images named? Blocs asset manager search uses the image titles to filter results.


Very true, as you state the Asset Manager is not intended to manage huge numbers of assets, just the ones you need for a given project.


Named like: picture 1.jpg or roger_rabbit.png etc.

As I said: they are listed in the asset manager and you’ll find them looking for them by scrolling.
But the search shows no result when you type “roger”.


The file name search works, but most organised photographers will use a system called digital asset management, which relies on an organised system of unique file renaming at time of import from the camera, irrespective of the subject matter.

A typical image of mine will have an identifier like Karyl_Der_170721_V5F8756.jpg. That tells me the photographer name, derivative i.e not Raw, date of shooting, file number and format type.

To make this really useful, it could search for keywords in the metadata of the image files, but I guess it depends on who you are trying to help most. I know a lot of people will just name their images as 1.jpg etc. These are probably the same ones who would never think of keyboarding their images though, so they probably struggle to find images with other apps as well.

How about an option to search by file name or keyword? Perhaps the keywords could be applied inside Blocs when added to the asset manager.


All the pictures are only the pictures for the specific project.
They are stored locally in specific folders like “.images” or “.media” in the main folder of the project.
They were imported to the asset manager by pressing the + sign.
They’re listed in the asset manager and also in the projects .img folder after exporting the project.

They are shown in the browser local and online.
So all works perfect except the search with the manager won’t find them.

I hope I explained right.


So the search isnt working for you, I’ll fine tune that. Remember this is a beta.


This isn’t good for SEO, IMO images names should be descriptive and contain keywords to help with google image search.


I`m not complaining, I just report. :wink:


I agree it’s not great for SEO, but that’s how most photographers will be managing and exporting images from Lightroom etc.

I am quite happy to manually rename a couple dozen images for SEO, but for effective search, being able to find images based on keywords within the metadata would be useful. Lets say you have a web site with a large number of images related to football and you want to search for an image of a player, but he might be in a group. Key wording works in this scenario, where file names alone are not helpful.