Blocs 2.5.2 is now available


Just a quick note to say Blocs 2.5.1 is now available.

Thanks to everyone who helped test it


Blocs runs so much better now! Thanks!


Quick update Blocs 2.5.2 is now available.


I can’t open the blocs.dmg file to install this new release 2.5.2, when I open the downloaded file I got the message: “Blocs.dmg” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

I tried with safari and firefox, with same problem. Any idea ?


I’ll check that. You should just update in app.


Updated yesterday without problems.
The Blocs application itself did it when opened.


Thank you @Norm


@Norm Any chance that we could have an option to turn off the sitemap in 2.6? I have an app called Integrity Pro that builds more detailed sitemaps and I either have to manually exclude the Blocs sitemap from any FTP upload or overwrite it separately with the other app every time. Sometimes I forget.


Good point @Flashman
That woud be great as the sitemap is mainly important to the real (main) index site.
But due to the fact that there a subfolders on the server, each with other blocs projects the sitemap is not required here.


I’ve just been doing some troubleshooting with the developer of Integrity Pro and discovered that when you add a header tag in a hero bloc with an animation that header then appears three times, which doesn’t sound very helpful for SEO.


SEO structure is H1 to H6, so if there are for example H1, H2 and H3 shouldn´t be a problem.
Still the H1 should refer to title and description and to some of the keywords in the paragraph.

That´s from my point of view and good personal results, but of course always depending on individual challanges.


Yes the problem is that if you have an animated header it then appears more than once to a search engine as a duplicate header.


Havn´t tried a header bloc yet, but can´t you set the the settings for h1 or h2 via the paragraph selection or a class?


You could turn them into paragraphs rather than headers and then style as required. By default they are set as headers and though you only see one of them on the page, the search engines see it as three separate headers.


Way to go Norm!
The best update or fix so far… “Prevent Asset Manager remaining on top of other apps.” :slight_smile:


Hi @Norm, there was a tweet today that Blocs 2.5.3 beta build 4 would be released today but I didn’t see any link to where to get it. When I check for updates from within Blocs, it says I’ve got the latest. I have 2.5.1 beta build 3. How/where do I get the latest? Warm Regards, - Randy


2.5.2 is the latest public release, beta builds don’t have update function they are posted here in forum. Slight delay on 2.5.3 build 4 due to some extra form functionality I’ve added.


OK @Norm, sounds good. Any idea on when you’ll be releasing? Do you always have a spec sheet detailing updated functionality and bug fixes with each update? Warm Regards, - Randy