Blocs 2022 - What would you like to see added next?

As the end of 2021 is almost upon us, it feels like the perfect time to chat about what you would like to see added to Blocs next.

Maybe it’s some amazing new feature or some useful learning materials on a specific subject or a new localisation of Blocs in another language. Whatever it is, feel free to let us know with your comments below!

Also don’t forget to :heart: the suggestions you agree with too!


Hi, @Norm. Just to name a few to get the list started :grin::

Online store build integration
More :heart: for Blocs Plus
Better integration of BS5 / 6 :grinning:
Easier Manual Coding / Third-party integration (Nova/Sublime/Visual Studio)


I am away from the computer and I’ll think about this more later on, but I’d like to see an image bric that allows us to add AVIF or WebP with a fallback for Jpg. That could cut the page weight in half with much faster loading for the vast majority of visitors.


A dedicated place to add custom CSS code, so no need to add it manually to the header section with a <style> tag.


Online store build integration.


The possibility to create Joomla templates with Blocs!


Which aspects do you want improving?

Maybe Blocs Plus could/should be focusing more on the adventures developer. Having the backbone of Blocs to build: “fast, intuitive, powerful and responsive websites without writing code”

and having a Plus version for the more adventurous:

Build: “fast, intuitive, powerful, responsive, customised and personalised websites with an easy option of adding your own code”

When I Purchased Blocs 2 (ages ago :older_man:) I knew nothing about code/scripts/CSS etc. But today, 4 years later and after studying a bit of Bootstrap, CSS, Java and spoon-feeding of @InStacks and @Malachiman (Thanks Chaps! :pray:). I learned Blocs is not using 100% of Bootstrap’s functionality. Which I feel is understandable for the “standard” version.

Blocs is not BSS and should never be a look-a-like of BSS. But I would see a niche for Blocs Plus to be in the middle.

This is just my 2 cents. Is my thinking commercially viable? I have no clue. I’ve studied 30 years hospitality and I can help you with that one :grinning:. Websites here and here, build with Blocs and loads of manual coding :woman_student:.


Would like to see SMTP integration into blocs forms. - this is becoming more urgent by the day. For client hosting companies that don’t allow the PHP sendmail function, I’m currently forced into setting up forms on a third party domain/host that does allow PHP sendmail, and then embed the form into the client’s website. A bit of a messy workaround for something that should be relatively easy to integrate - of course, I’m not a coder so maybe its very difficult to set up in Blocs. Anyway, that’s on my new year wish list.


Would like to see an integration with ACF (Advanced Custom Fields).
I am using Blocs to build custom Wordpress Templates and I am loving it. It saves me a lot of time.

However since ACF is a “must have tool” for every Wordpress developer, would be great to have it built in Blocs.

For example, when selecting a Heading brick, would be great if the content of that headline can be a field created in ACF, so possible to chose it in the “Data” dropdown …

Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 17.56.16

At the moment my workflow it’s as follow: I create the ACF field, I go in Blocs, I add a “Custom Code” brick and I write the php code my self so the ACF field can be displayed in frontend.


I’d love to see more functionality added to the WordPress functions:

And if @Norm really has a bunch of spare time:

  • Perhaps an option to turn Blocs (segment of the layout) into editable Blocks for the Gutenberg Editor.

You can do this already with short codes and custom fields that you create with the WP data manager.

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Oh some very nice suggestions here!

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The ability to use tags. Eg. Section, article, figure, aside.

Structured Data generation.

Third party Code Editor support. I miss the tab key, it’s so hard to keep the code tidy at the moment.

+1 for CSS editing that’s not in the header (great idea @InStacks)

API enhancements.

New colour picker / colour swatch management. The ability to save colour sets.

Bootstrap OffCanvas support (related to this, the blocs canvas seems to spaz out when you have elements outside the canvas, eg canvas scroll fails). Maybe it would be neat to be able to see elements that are sitting off canvas?

Pseudo Content property improvements so we can add attribute data, icons etc. especially attributes :smiley:
eg. content: "(" attr(data-attr) ")";

I’ll get back to you with some more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nested folders so we can get some decent URLs running :running_woman:

CSS - ability to add Attribute Selectors :wink: (things like this would be awesome for Blocs plus)


For me, a part time user, it has to be some sort of page/folder hierarchy or management.


@Malachiman +1 to all of that.

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I would like to see more usability improvements in Blocs, particularly in the following areas:

  • Overall Workspace. Such as dockable/re-sizable panels, and the ability to save custom workspaces.
  • Code Editor needs to be more flexible and robust. For example, have the ability to open multiple panels where the user can see header content, code widget content and even the footer content simultaneously.
  • Asset Manager. As it is, the asset manager is clunky to use. Once you’ve gotten over the learning curve the user might simply accept it, but it never feels easy. One example is in creating asset groups. I find this process quite unnecessarily annoying. Also, each asset group is only for the current project, which is ok, but there should be a global asset library where users can select assets to use in the current project. This is most useful when first developing a site where place-holder images come in handy.
  • Layer Tree navigation improvements. For example, the layer tree should have a global header and footer section shown so that users can visually discern between content sections and header / footer sections. The blue vertical indicator is not sufficient since it can be blocked from view, and it’s only shown when there is something in them. Not to mention that, as of now, if a user moves a Bric or Block from the global header or footer sections (using the layer tree) there’s no way to put it back into either global areas, except by re-doing them (since there’s no means of moving blocks from within the design canvas - only brics can be moved).

I have other items I feel could use improvements, which I will add later, but will start with this. And I also have ideas on how to improvement them, and would be glad to share my thoughts on them if interested.


Feel free to send them over, many good points here!

A good list, keep em coming!

I might be mis-understanding what you mean here, but you can move blocs back into he Global Area, although you are right you can’t do it on the layer tree (good suggestion by the way). There are 3 ways to move a Bloc back - right click, Bloc menu at the top, and shortcut keys.

I dont mean to stop the flow of this thread. Carry on :laughing: