Blocs 2023 - Feature Wishlist

I thought that the label Primary was a Var but it appears to be just a user text label attached to that Colour. That is indeed useful.

What I was suggesting was a way to allocate colors to a set of colour Vars such as Primary, Primary Alt, Primary txt, Primary Alt txt, Secondary, …, Bg, BG Alt, Txt, Txt Alt, Link txt, Link Txt Alt, etc…

Then to use a var colour you would select one of Primary, Primary Alt, Primary txt, Primary Alt txt, Secondary, …, Bg, BG Alt, Txt, Txt Alt, Link txt, Link Txt Alt, etc… E.g you might set a Button to be Primary which would use Primary bg with Primary txt, and for the hover states Primary Alt bg and Primary Alt tx.

So if you load a new set of colour Vars, every object throughout the whole sites changes to use the colour Vars.

You can really refine a sites colurs in this way and particularly with txt and txt links on light and dark BGs.

Colour Vars are really cool because you can use them in SVGs.

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  1. Asset Manager that acts like the Mac Finder, where Groups become Folders that can be moved around, renamed, copied, etc.

  2. Ability to copy a page or pages from one project to another.

  3. Ability to copy Blocs and Brics from one project to another.

Steps 2 and 3 can already be done.

That’s great! But I’ve looked through the users documentation and the only way I see to copy a page into another project is by creating a template. Is this what you mean?

Yeah, you can store them for re-use in other projects.

  1. Creating a table, coloring and line options

  2. Adding and removing the menu keys that we use very often to the top of the Blocsapp application window

  3. Having the option of sections or content (to appear on all pages or only on desired pages) in global areas (such as the visibility option specific to only that page in the visibility field)

  4. Having the option to paste the desired page in the bloc order in the copy - duplication process


I like the sound of 2 and 3. Not sure what you mean by point 4.

I second that.

Also, a way to select more than one Bric to be able to copy, paste, delete, move, etc…

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Better stylesheet integration. If I add custom css to the styles.css via the code editor window it only previews in preview mode not in the building mode. Presently I use BSS cause there it already reflects in the builder.


An upgrade on the form:

  • the ability to upload a file
  • possibly also smtp settings
  • the option to create an automatic reply mail
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I second number 3 as well

If I had this functionality, I hope that means you will leave BSS and use Blocs more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would like to see the Class Editor window remain visible and active in Preview, as an option. Clicking done in the Class Editor could then trigger a Preview refresh. This would speed up workflow avoiding the need to exit preview, edit the Class Editor and then Preview again.


I am hoping we will see some changes in Blocs, so that we can work in edit mode with custom classes, while a separate preview area shows realtime previewed adjustments.

Ideally this could emulate different device types at the same time, rather like Solis in theory but fully integrated. On a two monitor setup this would be a major step forward in productivity.


A follow on suggestion from this would be to add another new tab in the Class Editor for Code. This coudl really speed up trying out code ideas and also simplify adding basic, use once code for when that is appropriate

E.g. A new code window would facilitate adding a line of CSS that would be added as inline CSS. This could be used for those times when you want to add one or two bits of CSS to be used only in this instance or to debug or try out an idea, before you commit it to a a class.

Then if the Class Editor remained open in Preview, you could live edit a line of code and see the effect in Preview. This would be much quicker so that in Edit mode - Window - Code Editor - Additional CSS - add the code - Done - Preview could be replaced with just editing the code in the new tab.

Obviously this is not a Code Editor replacement or a suggestion to add all CSS code as inline code, but is development speed up.

Could happen :wink: A mixed up version of both would be my favorite :smiley:

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A GDPR compliant integration of YouTube videos would be great (2 click solution)

  1. Proper B&W effect for photos in Blocs Plus - and maybe some additional effects for photos in Blocs Plus, like various drop shades, reflections, etc. I feel Blocs Plus editor should be a little more worth the extra $. I still need to use an external editor for some simple things…
  2. Easier font management
  3. Some options for A/V players… particularly audio, maybe multiple songs in a player, a little customization, and more control, like to have a player stop when another one starts playing. I assume that’s some code or something but that would be a welcomed option.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Send Form via eMail message formatting is less than poor unfortunately.
Wish to get some sort of a msg template for more control over how a message appears to recipients:

  • where I can place data variables from user input fields like text fields, radio button, drop-down e.g.
  • where I can add free text to a message being sent together with the already added variables)

Viewport rotation for mobile and tablet to see how the project looks like