Blocs 2023 - Feature Wishlist

  1. Several more conventional break point views.
  2. Integrate Solis into Blocs for improved responsive design builds.
  3. Larger and more dynamic font/character tool.
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Could you expand on this point please?

Drop-shadow for .png and .svg

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Not sure where @blocman94 is going, but using Variable Fonts in a simple way would really be useful. Even having the top 3 of the most use for web built into Blocs. :smile:

Global spellcheck not having to open each text box to find errors

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When typing in the class window I would like it if Blocs placed the most commonly used classes with those letters at the top of the options, so they are accessible more quickly. Come to think of it, some means of creating a favourites list for custom classes used frequently might be useful as well.

The classes window itself is small and can be fiddly to navigate when multiple classes are present. That needs more space both in width and height, alternatively have a pop up option with plenty of space to work. Such a fundamental element in Blocs needs to be as easy and flexible as possible to work with.

On another subject, it’s been mentioned before but it would help if we could drag colours to a preferred order inside the swatch manager.

A real native slider for content … not only image … horizontal scrolling is a important part of webdesign today …

Export and import global color fields as xml or json. I need many specific colors for a project. Cool would be if you could enter the values directly xml or json format. Currently the “clr” format is something binary.

Custom animations import in the animation panel !

No crashes

  • Open more than 1 project
  • In Class Manager > Edit, a tab to show CSS code for that class (something like view source in TinyMCE editor). It would allow to add selector or other attributes manually for that class. A welcome addition to Code Editor additional CSS.
  • Improvement in Copy/Cut/Paste. Adding a visual feedback were to paste in the layout* but also between pages and opened Project.
  • Improvement with Drag’n Drop would be very useful, specially for us Mac users. Though we can move items around in the canva, we don’t see precisely where we get. And in the layout tree, would be helpful to have auto expand (or collapse) of blocs when we move an item.

*See Direct Mail screen movie here. When inserting or moving an item, an horizontal line moves with the cursor to show precisely where we want to paste/insert the item.

It’s more than 3 but except first and second, other are more improvements than new features.

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Pseudo element improvements.

Content property support…

  • attr(attribute) :pray:
  • counter

Also @Norm, I think there are a number of Pseudo classes you added support for, can we get a list in the documentation of what we can do. (did you add :first-child ?)


Also… :joy:

fit-content for width, height.

Could it work like auto? So start typing f and it auto completes :grin:

I’ll upvote @svimic on all items.

I would also love to see the following added:

  • Add a tab in class manager to add freehand css code for that class, without the need to go to the code editor. I posted this in another thread…
  • Ability to setup background with both image and gradient at same time. (right now using code editor, but it does not display in edit mode)

You can use the Grid (CSS Grid) do do this. Reposition as many layers as you want on top of each othe, reposition to col 1, row 1, z-index +1.

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I LOVE your app but, please… animation, animation… animation

something like webflow



Hi @Ricardo ,

It is very easy to do with the new Bloc Mask feature in Blocs 5. Just add the Solid Mask, then go to Class Editor and edit the class created for this particular bloc. You can set the opacity for SVG fill to 0, and use the normal background color gradient to add a gradient over image.

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Wouldn’t you just use a pseudo element. They are supported in the class manager.

The pseudo element works, but it would make it easier for most users to have it in the class manager.

It is supported in the class manager. Right click a class you can create a ::before or ::after