Blocs 3 or Blocs 4

A friend of mine wants to buy blocs in the next couple of weeks, but with Blocs 4 on the horizon he was asking should he just wait until Blocs 4 is released?

So, the question is the following:
Do you think there will be a big enough difference between Blocs 4 and Blocs 3 + Blocs 4 upgrade to be worth waiting for Blocs 4?

Any thoughts on this?

Blocs 4 will be released before the end of December. So waiting shouldn’t be an issue if he prefers to get the new version.

At the rate features are being announced right now, I don’t think the release of Blocs 4 is that long away. In all honesty, I’m guessing here, but all things are pointing towards a release being very nearby. We’re basically all counting down (and following daily announcements) in this thread: I'm so hyped

I’d take the gamble and hold out for Blocs 4, but that’s just my personal opinion.

I would wait for sure! I also think we are getting closer to the release of 4. I’m not sure what @norm is going to do for the ones that recently purchased 3?


Typically software companies allow a grace period if a previous version is purchased within a certain duration before a new major release. For example two weeks to thirty days, but only Norm could clarify those policies which might be available.

From the reveals being shown on twitter it looks like Blocs 4 will be not a huge departure from Blocs 3 as was the case with v1 to v2 & v2 to v3. So if the above grace period does exist the amount of workflow and UI changes previously seen in older versions should not be as monumental this time around.

But if your friend is not in dire need to get things underway then probably there is no benefit not to wait for the newest version. Allowing them to avoid even the slightest confusion as they begin to use the app as a new user.

The difference between Blocs 2 and 3 was like day and night. I have faith in Norm to deliver another big jump forward.

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That’s what I expect from a major upgrade. And I‘m sure the big features and changes will be revealed with the release and not with those teasers on Twitter.

If you can wait, then I would wait. That’s assuming the release is within the next 30 days give or take.

My reasoning:

  1. you don’t have to un-learn things that will change.
  2. you don’t have to be concerned with project migration, if anything should come up.
  3. a fresh start means fresh set of tools for the current build. Your work will likely influenced by the upgrade in tools both in terms of creatively and workflow.

I’m not sure what you mean? Each version of Blocs has been greatly improved.

Go back and try using the first version, I’ll bet it will take some time to figure out a lot of things that are now just easy in version 3.

Blocs 4 will do the same, just look at the features that are currently being shown on social media.

I’m just curious why most of your post seem to be negative or pointing out shortcomings that you see?

Most Blocs users understand that not everything can be perfect, but @Norm is as positive admin as I’ve seen.


As stated above, I’m not suggesting that Blocs 4 will not have major improvements and features, just that it appears evident the workflow and UI are not huge departures from the current version.

From what I am seeing from the previews on Blocs 4 and what Norm and is doing is a perfect addition to what we are used to.

From looking at previous versions it was a move to find the perfect design and easy for the user to have great work flow. With many so used to this way, making changing now within the platform is the best solution. Why totally change what works and confuse the user.

And what I am seeing are changes what we have requested too - so with this in mind, putting the user at the forefront is what makes a designer great of any product.

I am loving what I am seeing so far - and I am sure we are only seeing whats on the surface - I bet looking under the bonnet so much has changed too!

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The wait might be over soon:

I might be in error, but hasn’t new versions of Blocs—on at least one occasion, maybe more—been launched with some fanfare around ‘Black Friday’—including some “deals” especially on upgrade pricing?

There is a lot of buzz on the internet around this time (I’m counting the week leading up to BF and the following days like Cyber Monday and so on…) and many want to capitalise on that. Nothing wrong with that.

With all the features being teased already, and I’m also getting emails for 50% off various plugins and so on from all over the place, I’m guessing the immediate future is a good candidate for release.