Blocs 4.1 Beta Build 5

Hey everyone, here is one last beta build before the weekend. This is (potentially) the last beta of Blocs 4.1. This build mostly focuses on bug fixes as we approach the final release.

The main Spotlight feature is the new ecommerce interactions, simply add your Stripe, Ecwid, Gumroad, Snipcart or Paddle credentials and product info and Blocs will handle the rest. These new interactions make creating an online store a breeze!

Have a great weekend and thanks again for helping to test! :beers:

Don’t forget to refresh your browser :eyes: :+1:
Download Blocs 4.1 Beta Build 5


Thank you @Norm, as I was helping another user, I found a bug that affects different brics, when you try to add a brick by inserting the name, it is probably not the name that appears in the title, give a try to Code Widget for example. You type Code, and you see two brics, but if you type the space it disappears the other Bric the Widget one. Hope you understand.

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When using Beta 5 beware that image assets disappear randomly. Very frustrating. The fix is to close down Blocs and re-open.

That’s odd. Make sure you run the beta from your application directory.

I had a class disappear in the Class Manager. It was still part of the style sheet though. When I re-added the class, it let me, and all the previous styles showed ? Seems to be working again.

Do you mean don’t run it from the Dock?
By the way, Blocs 4.0.4 doesn’t seems to product the problem.

Dock is just a shortcut. Make sure the App is in your applications folder.

When it installs, I thought it always goes to the application folder.

Depends, if you drag it to the folder or to your desktop etc.

I have not done that. Blocs is installed in the Applications folder

I would recommend, reinstalling the beta :+1:

I must say I have this in Blocs 4.0.4 too:
the date picker gives the attachments in the wrong order, that way the date-picker doesn’t work. I alway need to reorden them so “be_date_picker.js” is last. Perhaps a tiny small thing that can be fixed too…

You got it, I’ll keep you posted, if there are any other problems.

Anyone else notice the “hide layer” eyeball becomes cut off once a scroll bar becomes visible and you resize the side bar? Comes right if you restart the application.

Edit: Sorry another one, more of an enhancement:
Could the class editor default font family reference the project settings default? I’ve noticed it defaults to Helvetica which is the default project font used however, when this is changed, default classes do not reflect the project default.

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Out of curiosity, is this a type of spelling for dimensions? Not trying to be pedantic or anything, I had to double take and check I haven’t been spelling this wrong all these years lol.


I don’t see this issue (hide/show icon) in my installation of Blocs v4.0.4 or v4.1.0-b5. It seems to behave as it should regardless of side bar width, or if a scroll bar is present or not.

As for default fonts - whatever font you use as the project default will not be affected by the class editor unless you wrap the text with span, otherwise you can only change the font in the inspector side bar. But I do agree that the font names should match - if only for the sake of avoiding confusion.

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good catch

I would like to contribute to some abnormalities I’ve seen in Blocs, but was wondering how to take a video and sounds of what I’m seeing. What App can be used that Blocs that I see many using?

Command + shift + 5
Then copy the video for your hosting and then just share the link and it will be embed in here…

Do you mean upload it to the server (host)?
I tried tried sharing a video, but got that message it was too large.